Urban Decay's New Naked Palette Is About To Give Your Makeup Bag A Major Upgrade

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I think it's fair to say without any doubt that hearts broke all over the country (read: world) when Urban Decay announced last year that they would be discontinuing their beloved, bestselling Naked Palette. And while the Naked range has offered plenty of alternative options since, there's never seemed to be anything quite as good as the OG. Until now, that is. Urban Decay's Naked Reloaded Palette is making its debut in the next few days, and luckily for us, it has soooo much to offer.

The original Naked Palette was reported to have sold an astonishing 30 million units, according to Vogue, and was even given its own funeral on Instagram when it was discontinued — with a eulogy to boot. So, as you can imagine, the anticipation among beauty fans for the Naked Reloaded Palette is palpable. Keep reading to find out everything about this brand new product.

Let's start with what the new palette looks like. It offers 12 "universally flattering" shades, including a number of shimmers and some must-have matte neutrals for blending and building. The brand is also bang on trend with its 'Retro' shade, which is inspired by this year's Pantone shade of the year: Living Coral. A cool peachy coral, the hue stands out from the palette, but is still totally wearable and easy to wear alongside the other colours.

Now on to the packaging and new features. Urban Decay describe Naked Reloaded as a "reimagined version" of their original Naked palette, and there are some definite parallels, including the shades. But there are also some noticeable updates, especially when it comes to the packaging. With a unique 'fabric' packaging, the new palette is far more lightweight and looks more chic with its vibrant design. While I loved the OG palette, I think we can all agree the soft-touch felty packaging was not a strong point.

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Also different is the pigment of the eyeshadows, which has been reinvented for longer, stronger wear. Plus there are the four wider pans at either end of the palette. The most universal, blendable hues are slightly larger than the others, so you never have to hit pan on your most-loved shades. Kind of genius, right?!

Urban Decay

The brand has cleverly marketed the new product, too. They openly point out that Naked Reloaded does not have any fun, bright Instagrammable shades, but they use this to their advantage; with beauty taking a softer turn this year (think bushy brows and blurred-out lips), this is the exact eyeshadow palette we're all craving. Urban Decay have also made it very clear that they want this to be a completely inclusive product, stating that it is designed for any age, skin tone, and gender.

Designed nearly 10 years after the original bestseller, Naked Reloaded is moving with the times, improved and modernised. What more could we beauty junkies want?

Luckily, you can sign up to get all the updates about Naked Reloaded on Urban Decay's website. It is set to launch Feb. 18 online, and then nationwide from Feb. 28, so you really don't have to wait very long to get your hands on it! It costs £38, so start saving now and get your name on that list.