Villanelle's 14 Best 'Killing Eve' Lines Show She's Just As Funny As She Is Twisted

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Spoilers ahead for Killing Eve Season 2. It's no secret that Villanelle (Jodie Comer) is a psychopath. Everyone knows that — Eve included — but there's something so magnetic about her that it's hard to stay away. Not only is she devastatingly funny, but she doesn't adhere to social mores and often acts spontaneously. It's riveting to watch her burst into laughter at a completely inappropriate moment, yell at a child, or declare that she loves listening to national anthems. And Villanelle's best quotes on Killing Eve are just as colorful, inappropriate, and hilarious as she is.

Make no mistake — Villanelle is still a natural-born killer. We're reminded of this in the May 19 episode when she knocks out Eve's husband, Niko, and kills his co-worker/would-be girlfriend. She appears to do all of this just as gleefully as when she manipulated and killed Julian earlier in the season, or when she offed a man in public during the farmyard fetish show she put on in Amsterdam's red light district. No remorse.

Underneath all of her psychopathy and inexcusable actions, though, Villanelle is a charismatic person with a truly bizarre (but still somehow hilarious?) sense of humor. So although we may not be able to understand her, we sure love watching her deliver all those diabolically funny lines. Here are some of her best so far.


Period. End of Sentence.

During her psychiatric evaluation, the psychologist asks, "Have you been feeling any anxiety or stress recently?"

"I had quite a heavy period last week," she responds, sarcastically, "but other than that, I think I'm OK."


On Eve's Fashion Choices

When the two women finally meet face-to-face, Villanelle asks what turns out to be her most pressing question: How does Eve's sweater work, exactly?


The Clothes Clause

"I have lost two jobs, a husband, and a best friend because of you," Eve tells her.

"Yeah," Villanelle admits. "But you got some really nice clothes out of it, so..." What's the problem, Eve?


On Gabriel's Family Situation

Poor Gabriel. All he wanted was a friend after his parents had died in a car accident. Villanelle, however, isn't sure how to be nice to the boy, and tells him, cheekily, "Yeah, well your parents are dead." And although they had a good rapport, the assassin ends up killing him in what she would consider an act of mercy.


The Legitimately Good Advice

While Villanelle is in no way a good person, she's right that there are people in this world who are, beneath it all, secretly just as depraved. Hey, psychopaths can be wise, too.


The 'Clueless' Fan

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When Villanelle tries to call for help while being imprisoned by Julian, she uses the following code: "It's Cher Horowitz. I failed my driving test."


The Thinly Veiled Threat

Parisa Taghizadeh/BBCAmerica

"What are you looking for?" Julian asks Villanelle, who is rummaging through his kitchen drawers.

"A kitchen knife," she responds.

"What for?"

"To stab you with!" the assassin says. And, Julian, buddy? A word of advice: she means it.


On Killing Eve, Literally

After MI6 puts a hit out on Eve in order to lure in Villanelle, the assassin arrives in full funereal garb, declaring that she's "about to be in mourning."


On Art

When Konstantin takes her to an art museum while they're in Amsterdam, she can't conceal her boredom. In fact, she only gravitates towards one piece of art, depicting dead bodies hanging upside down, which she likens to strips of bacon.


On Social Media

When a fashion Instagrammer asks Villanelle whether she can take a photo of her outfit, she responds, "No, of course not. Don't be pathetic. Get a real life!"


On Niko's Mustache

Villanelle is not a fan of Eve's husband, and when he gets sent up to Oxford to chaperone a field trip, she takes the opportunity to pay him a visit, where she can't help but mock him.


This Witty Comeback

Villanelle has the emotional maturity of a 10-year-old, so it's no wonder she decides to leave Niko with this devastating blow.


This Unhelpful Marriage Advice

When Eve is complaining about her marital situation, Villanelle points out that it's probably going to take more than a blow job to set things straight between her and Niko.


The Psychopath Text

Now that Eve and Villanelle are working together, the assassin decides to text her new co-worker, telling Konstantin that "she might be lonely." This inappropriate, violent, and altogether hilarious result is Villanelle to a T.

So yes, although Villanelle is an absolute psychopath, her dialogue is just as devilishly good.