Instagram's Most Popular Highlighter Now Comes In Rose Gold

Makeup trends come and go, but highlighter is forever. The formula will change many times though. Farsali created two more Jelly Beam Highlighters, after the first one went viral on Instagram. Why? According to Allure, it's so that you can have a color for every mood. There's never been a better reason to shop.

The highlighter that had you mesmerized at first glance now comes in rose gold. Yes, really. As Allure originally reported, Farsali created two new Jelly Beam Highlighters — Rose Goals and Glowup — to join Glazed. Although the brand has yet to make the announcement on Instagram, where the fan-favorite jelly highlighter lives on, the publication broke the news of why the next two joined the group.

"My goal was to create shades that are wearable for every day, no matter what the occasion," Sal Ali, CEO and founder of Farsali, tells Allure. "I know my wife [beauty vlogger Farah Dhukai] has three moods when it comes to her highlight: pink, golden, and neutral. So I created the two new shades to complete the moods."

In addition to the wet-looking shine that is "the perfect neutral for everyone," there will also be golden and rose gold options as well. You'll be able to purchase them at June 4 on the Farsali website for $40.

Farsali posted a sneak peek of the new shades on Instagram with the caption "coming soon." Although there are other jelly highlighters out there — high-end and drugstore dupes — the brand is the original creator of the formula. That's why the addition of two other colors is so major. Farsali is taking a product that broke the internet and giving people even more color options.

The highlighter is meant to look wet on the cheeks, but stay in place all day long. According to the Allure interview, it came to be after Ali saw his wife's three-step highlighting routine. He knew he could create one better.

"She would start with a liquid or cream highlighter, but the problem is that liquid/cream doesn't set into place," Ali told the publication. "So then she would set with a powder highlight, but the problem is that powder looks dry. Finally, she would finish off with a setting spray, which gave her that wet-looking highlight."

As far as the new shades go, they are sandwiching the original hue on the color spectrum. Allure describes the first as subtle, but powerful when the sun hits it just right. The second is a little bit deeper than the original golden hue. That makes the product even more wearable to more of the beauty community.

"If you're someone that believes that there is no such thing as too much highlight, you can add a powder highlight right on top of Jelly Beam, and it'll intensify the powder highlight into a strong, beaming finish," Ali told Allure.

While the price might be a little high for the typical face highlight, this is not your average product. From the way that it goes on to the shine that it creates, this is not like the rest. Just to clarify, you can use a beauty blender to apply the Jelly Beam Highlighter. You can also use your finger to tap onto the skin.

If the up-close shot of this product doesn't make you want to shop, then I don't know what will. It's been years since the highlighting trend took off, but the formulas have evolved from just the typical powder product. With Farsali's Jelly Beam Highlighter expanding shades, it doesn't look like the beauty world will get tired of the shimmer any time soon.