The Meaning Behind Missandei's Final Word On 'Game Of Thrones' May Not Be What You Think

Helen Sloan/HBO

Daenerys is losing her allies left and right, first with Jorah at the Battle of Winterfell and now with Missandei, who was executed at Cersei's command in episode 4 of Season 8. Both deaths were absolutely heartbreaking, however, the final word Missandei spoke on Game of Thrones has left some fans confused as to the meaning behind the remark. When asked by Cersei if she had any last sentiments she wanted to say, Dany's friend and loyal advisor shouted out the word "dracarys," which in its literal form means "dragonfire" in High Valyrian. But as why Missandei chose to say it in her final moments is left up to fan interpretation.

The word "dracarys" has long been associated with some pretty epic moments on the series. Typically, it's how Dany has commanded her dragons to attack her enemies, prompting them to emit their dragonfire. The show has never had anyone else use the word before, so why did Missandei choose to do so during her darkest hour? Believe it or not, there are a few different ways to look at this particular moment from Sunday night's episode.

On the one hand, some fans thought it meant she was hoping Drogon was going to swoop in and save her in the last minute. Sadly, if that was the case, it didn't end up happening, which is too bad. Drogon was right there, after all. And while perhaps he may have been reluctant to approach any closer given those scorpion weapons Cersei had at the ready, it felt like a missed opportunity. He's known Missandei for a long time now, so you'd think he would've wanted to protect her if he could.

Others chose to interpret it more symbolically. When Missandei first heard Dany use that word, it signified her freedom and the breaking away of her chains. It was a pivotal moment in her life, leading some fans to think that she wanted to say it in her final moments as a declaration of that freedom.

However, there is yet another way to interpret her last word and it's arguably the most intriguing prediction yet. As distinguished earlier, "Dracarys" is the word that's been used for when Dany has wanted to destroy her enemies. It signifies conquering and unyielding power. So is it possible that this was Missandei's way of sending a message directly to Dany, telling her what she thinks her next move should be — to burn King's Landing to the ground. Given the expression on Dany's face at the end of the episode, it's definitely an idea that has crossed her mind and seems to be growing more and more tempting by the minute.

It's hard to know with absolute certainty what Missandei was trying to say (they're all pretty viable options at the end of the day), but another important question is — how will Dany choose to interpret the message? Because depending upon which one she thinks it is, King's Landing may be nothing more than a pile of ash by the time this series is over.