Here's The One Thing People Hate The Most In Your State


If love, as they say, can be the great equalizer, then hate can certainly be the great unifier. The folks who created the dating app Hater know this, and put together a map of what each state hates most in the hopes that we might find the location of our future special someone.

The basic premise of Hater is that both mutual tastes AND distastes are equally compelling, and can make for a top notch romance. Although we humans tend to gravitate towards folks who share the same loves that we do, we also tend to create community with those who hate what we hate, too. Hater has a pretty decent idea going it seems, since I personally wouldn't be opposed to meeting up with someone who hates sexism, pop country, and boat shoes. Throw in lateness, beer pong, and chewing tobacco and we might even have cause to hear wedding bells in the future, you know?

"I think the best way [to bond with a potential partner] is to find something that's a little unique," Brendan Alper, Hater founder and CEO, tells Bustle. "You want to find something you have in common that puts you on the same team. The more unique you can get, the more you can create an intimate bond."

Since location is so key when finding a match, it's important to also live somewhere amongst likeminded — or, in this case, hate-minded — folks who see eye to eye with you. So if want to know where to go to find a lover who you can hate on the same stuff with, look no further than this list:


Wyoming: Gluten-Free Stuff

Do you, like Oprah, LOVE bread? Welp, living in Wyoming might be a good bet for you to find another wheat lover, as folks in the least populated state hate gluten-free stuff with a passion.


New York: Times Square

I've lived in New York City for nearly 16 years, and like many of my comrades, we hate one thing about it with a passion: Times Square. It's smelly, it's loud, it has the worst tourists year round, and if you're ever wondering how to find a common cause with a New Yorker, just bring up this hotbed of Midtown hellishness.


Nevada: Feminism

Do you hate women's rights? Do you think patriarchy isn't even a thing? Well then you might want to move to Nevada, where a lot of folks think feminism is just about the worst thing on the planet. (I, on the other hand, will be avoiding it altogether, thank you very much — except for Vegas, of course.)


Utah: Porn

Do you believe that pornography perpetuates sexism and rape culture and is the downfall of healthy relationships everywhere? Then your one true love just might live in Utah, where it's hella popular to hate on internet porn.


Minnesota: Drinking Alone

At least one study has proven that drinking can help couples stay together, and Minnesotans must know this, as they detest imbibing solo.


Maryland: Soulmates

The idea that everyone has a soulmate is pretty common, and yet, there's an entire state of people with a good number of folks who think it's ridiculous. And for those realists about relationships, Maryland might be a good place to start looking for love.


Illinois: Biting String Cheese

String cheese is for peeling apart piece by piece — not biting — right? If you agree, get thee to Illinois, stat.


Oklahoma: Celebrity Gossip

Getting the scoop on all the latest celebrity gossip is a pastime millions of Americans enjoy — except for bunch of them in Oklahoma. Hopefully that doesn't also include Gossip Girl, though.


Florida: Couples Who Work Out Together

Working out with a partner is weird right? Well to Floridians it is, so solo exercise fanatics should get their butts to the Sunshine State, stat.


Colorado: *NSYNC

Do Chris, Joey, Lance, JC, and Justin make you weak in the knees? Do you enjoy posting that "It's Gonna Be MAY" meme every year? Well, stay the hell out of Colorado then, because folks there hate *NSYNC.

But although strong dislikes might create some kind of community, you just might find that love is stronger than hate, and end up with someone who hums the tune of "Bye Bye Bye" while you chatter on about the latest celebrity gossip while biting your favorite string cheese. Love's a funny thing, isn't it?