Cam May Have Already Hinted He Doesn't Last Much Longer On 'The Bachelorette'

John Fleenor/ABC

Cam may have gotten an edge on the competition before The Bachelorette when Hannah gave him a rose during Colton Underwood's After the Final Rose special, but his actions now that the show has premiered aren't going over as well. His tactics are a little too aggressive, putting both Hannah and the other suitors in awkward positions. And if that keeps up, it seems safe to say that after The Bachelorette, Cam isn't engaged to Hannah. Hopefully, he's also come up with different catchphrase other than Always Be Cam. Or, you know, just not having any catchphrase anymore would be fine too.

From the very beginning, Hannah B. made it clear that she wants these men to open up to her and be completely honest about how they're feeling every step of the way. Unfortunately, it seems that some of these suitors have taken that request to the extreme. Luke P. has already tried dropping the L word even though they've known each other for a total of five minutes so far. And then there's Cam, who thinks that Hannah's desire for an outgoing guy gives him the right to interrupt conversations she's having with other men and show up on group dates he wasn't even invited to.

Hopefully he ends up making better choices in the future, or he could end up rose-less and out the door. This is where perusing his Instagram can come in handy to try and piece together how things unfold.

It's worth noting the huge chunk of time that went by between some of his Instagram posts. Cam uploaded a few photos of him and his family on March 9, but then didn't post anything at all until May 12. Odds are that's because he was filming for The Bachelorette, which means everything he's posted from that point on could serve as a clue to what he's up to now that it's all over.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of information to work with for the time being. The only photos Cam has posted on Instagram are in relation to the Bachelorette episodes we've already seen. And they're all press images, not behind-the-scenes looks, which basically tells us nothing other than he's obviously watching the season play out along with the rest of us. As for whether or not he ends up with that final rose, that remains to be seen. One of the photos he posted did tease one possible outcome, though, writing in the caption: "A gentleman never kisses and tells...he asks for permission ... Will this 1st kiss be the last kiss?"

At the rate things are going, that could very well end up being the last kiss Cam and Hannah share. Maybe the producers are giving him this edit so that he'll ultimately end up on Bachelor in Paradise. Given the way he's still promoting the series, it's entirely possible. Whatever Cam is doing now, he's probably rapping about it — let's hope that works better for him in Mexico.