This New Active Makeup Collection Might Actually Make You Want To Work Out

Working out and running errands aren't usually the domain for a full face of makeup. However, e.l.f.'s new ACTIVE collection is like athleisure for your makeup bag and your face, which is a trend in 2017. The CliniqueFit line launched recently, boasting an array of totable, effective, and low-maintenance products specifically designed for usage either before, during, and after exercise activities.

The e.l.f. ACTIVE range is similar to CliniqueFit in both packaging and product assortment. The main difference is that e.l.f. is a budget brand and all products are $8 and under, while Clinique is an enduring department store staple.

These separate collections offer easy-to-use products that add a little something extra. These aren't full, multi-use, and versatile glam kits that you can be applied after a jog or for wedding day photos. Rather, they are streamlined and extremely suited for post-exercise touchups.

Here's the deal.

e.l.f. ACTIVE consists of seven high-functioning essentials — the Post-Workout Mist and Makeup Wipes, the Workout Ready Hydration Stick, Lip & Cheek Palette, and Eye Pencil, and the Sweat-Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo. These cosmetics do exactly what their names suggest and can certainly withstand your workout or errand-running pursuits.

Wearing makeup to the gym might seem counterintuitive, since even the most sweat-proof and water-resistant makeup can smear, migrate, get in your eyes, clog pores, and look messy.

Plus, lipstick and mascara look best when paired with a dewy glow from a highlighter rather than sweat. Unless, of course, you consider sweat a makeup hack.

But e.l.f.'s ACTIVE collection (and CliniqueFit) are worthwhile for those of you who may wear makeup when taking a spin class because you have to run to a meeting afterward or simply because you like to.

Courtesy of Clinique

These products, however, don't exist with the sole goal of encouraging women to wear makeup while working out. You shouldn't feel any pressure to get all glammed up before going to the gym only to sweat it all off. Instead, the products present themselves as an option, and are super effective for touching up after your gym sesh or after your post-gym shower. How — and when — you use them is totally up to you.

e.l.f. ACTIVE is also cruelty-free and vegan, per the hashtags in the posts. If you have animal sympathies that extend to your beauty stash, then you can feel good about using this range.

Blend It Out Silicone Sponge Duo, $8, e.l.f. Cosmetics

The ACTIVE collection also nods to another big beauty trend of the past year. It includes a lemon yellow Silicone Sponge Duo. It's a brilliant choice of materials, since these blenders are easy to clean with soap and warm water. If you are using this after a kick boxing class, you don't have to worry about germs festering because you didn't get to properly sanitize it. You can rinse and wash these silicone sponges quickly and store them in your bag with little concern.

Courtesy of e.l.f.

Another beautiful thing about the e.l.f. ACTIVE range is that it's also an option for those of you who prefer a simple makeup routine achieved with a minimum of products. If you like to effortlessly dab a pop of color on lips and cheeks for a stained look, along with a coat or two of mascara after rimming your lower waterline with liner, then these products are all you need to achieve that look.

Courtesy of e.l.f.

For beauty obsessives, the collection also avails itself for those lazy Sundays when you want to forego your usual product-heavy regimen but still want to play up your features.

Ultimately, e.l.f.'s ACTIVE range, with its incredibly attractive price, is more versatile than you might think at first look. These products can serve many purposes. Get creative to make 'em work for you — and your workout.