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I get it: all you've heard about for the past few years is K-beauty (beauty products or methods deriving from Korea). But 2018 has seen another hero rise up through the ranks to become a new favourite in the industry: J-beauty. If you're feeling a little confused and wondering, what is J-beauty, I've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about it, including the best J-beauty products.

Put simply, J-beauty involves products, techniques, or ideas relating to beauty industry in Japan. As Fashionista reports, it's not fair to call J-beauty the "new K-beauty," as Japan actually has a long history in skincare of its own. “So much of what is exciting in K-beauty originally came from Japan," BeautyMart co-founder Anna-Marie Solowij told Get The Gloss. "With South Korea investing in beauty research and development, K-beauty stole the limelight. Now, Japan is taking it back.”

Much like with Korean beauty, Japanese beauty focuses on skin first. Their skincare needs come first before makeup, and there's a definite gravitation toward prevention rather than treatment. "Western culture is more concerned with correcting damages after they have occurred, whereas Japanese beauty care is more about anticipation," Shiseido's brand manager, Miyabi Kumagai, told Glamour.

For example, using SPF and starting a skincare regime from a young age is crucial. Deep cleansing and effective moisturising are both top of the list when it comes to priorities, though BeautyMart co-founder Millie Kendall told British Vogue that is is rooted in amore low maintenance approach, explaining:

“There is a simplicity to Japanese rituals that is midway between our own European methods of skin and body care application and Korean, for example. The Japanese use fewer products in a more methodical manner, they use massage and technique to get the best out of their skincare routine."

Visit Japan and you'll find endless streams of sheet masks, deep cleansers, and SPF formulas, but what's available to buy over here? Some of our favourite brands have Japanese roots, from Shiseido to SUQQU, and the market has introduced several up-and-comers this year, including Shiro and Decorte. Here's what's worth paying attention to.