What To Know About Tim Ryan, The 17th Candidate To Join The 2020 Democratic Primary

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It looks like the crowded field of 2020 presidential candidates just grew by one. Now, you might be wondering what there is to know about Tim Ryan, who is now the 17th candidate to join the 2020 Democratic primary. And if your first question is how he thinks he can take on Trump, the lawmaker has an answer for that.

But first, here's a brief summary of his background: Ryan has served as the U.S. representative for Ohio's 13th District since 2003. He's 45 years old, and previously launched an unsuccessful bid to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the party leader in 2016. Prior to becoming a U.S. representative, he served in the Ohio State Senate, per his congressional About page.

Ryan announced his candidacy on April 4, launching his presidential website right before he appeared on The View. Per NBC News, when he was asked by reporters after the show how he planned to beat Trump, he said he planned to talk about ideas for the rehabilitation of the economy. He also said that he believed he was the person for the job, in terms of flipping the Rust Belt states that Trump won over in 2016.

On his presidential campaign website, Ryan offered an explanation for his decision to run. That explanation reads in part:

It's time for us to start building the America we deserve. An America that invests in public education, affordable health care and an economy that works for all of us. An America united by a shared vision for our future. A quiet revolution is happening in this country. One that is driven by compassion and the independent spirit our nation is known for. It’s time for us to invest in our values so we can focus on what really matters: healing and uniting our nation.

During his appearance on The View on Thursday (as seen above), Ryan was asked if he planned to run for president. He then gave a speech about how the country had been "divided" for a long time, and concluded by saying, "I'm going to do something, and I'm going to run for president of the United States."

Amid the applause, the hosts noted that it was Ryan's first-ever appearance on the daytime television show, which has become a popular stomping ground for Democratic candidates on the 2020 campaign trail. Later on in the show, Ryan addressed the current president's apparent "problem."

He said,

Here's the problem with Trump, among ... several [laughter]: he plays the old school politics. He wants to go back to the old economy. He's talking about old steel mills and old coal mines. I'm saying, where are our kids going to work, and how do we come together — the best of government, the best of the work force, the best of the free enterprise system — and dominate the electric vehicle market so we are creating jobs, and then at the end of the day, cut the worker in on the deal? Trump has been full of promises, and hasn't delivered on anything. He's forgotten us.

On Saturday, Ryan is set to hold his first official campaign rally in Youngstown, Ohio, per NBC News. You can learn more about his presidential candidacy on his campaign website.