Beyonce Just Launched A New Merch Line That’s Only Available For One Month

Leave it to Beyoncé to turn the performance of a lifetime into a limited edition clothing line. Beyoncé's Coachella merchandise collection features a variety of pieces to commemorate the singer's truly epic performances during the famous music festival, and it's hard not to want to snag a jacket or T-shirt. But if you really want to get your hands on something, now's the time to act as the pop-up merch shop is only live through May 20. The line includes 15 pieces that range from jackets and hoodies to bandanas and T-shirts with Beyoncé's face on them (a wardrobe staple for anyone, really).

Ranging in price from $40 to $115, the collection is fairly affordable and with some items going from S to 2X (though not all), the collection offers a couple more options than your typical S - L sizing chart. Each piece is adorned with a Beyoncé x Coachella logo, but some references are more subtle than others. For example, one T-shirt has Beyoncé's face on the front depicting her as Nefertiti a la her first weekend performance at Coachella. Another simply has a Beyonce x Coachella logo in Greek fraternity-style lettering on the back. The entire collection keeps this Greek life theme, with every piece looking both like something you could snag at a college frat party and also like street style staples. Either way, it all looks very cool and very chic — the kind of merch that can be styled easily for everyday life. This make sense, given Beyonce's position as both a fashion and overall cultural icon in today's world.

The collegiate theme continues with two Bey x Coachella-themed pair of basketball shorts, one of which seems to be a collaboration with sporting brand Champion. They're pretty much the shorts we all wore in Phys Ed in high school, but the much, much more cool version. The colors of the collection range from black to gray to red to pink and yellow, meaning that there is something to wear no matter what your preferred color palette might be.

No matter how much you love the piece, though, the online pop-up store is only selling merch until May 22. The site features a very intimidating countdown clock signifying the limited amount of time the 15 pieces in the shop are available, but fans still have a second Coachella performance and 32 days to snag the pieces they prefer, despite the ticking clock. There is the chance, though, that certain pieces will sell out between now and May 22, so as with anything Beyonce-related, it's probably best to grab your favorites ASAP.

And if you're wondering about shipping or when you can get your hands on all your favorite Greek life-themed items, the website has a FAQ section that can fill you in. According to the website, "All orders will be filled within 7-10 business days of being placed (not including weekends or holidays). Orders are packed and shipped in Conyers, GA. Shipments are made via trackable service. You will receive an email with tracking information as soon as your order is headed your way."

If you're purchasing an item from a location outside of the US, you'll have to wait a bit longer (up to six weeks) for the pieces to reach your front door, according to the website.

In any case, this is a collection that is a piece of history. Beyoncé's Coachella performance wasn't just any performance and this merch collection isn't just any collection, either. So it's probably worth snagging a piece while you can.