Corinne Olympios' Team Corn Clothing Collection Is Here

The Bachelor standout Corinne Olympios might not have gotten the final rose, but she got something even better — her own clothing line. Olympios has teamed up with Riot Society to create a 24-piece fashion and accessory collection. What's in the Team Corn clothing line, you ask? As if you can't already tell from the name, get ready for tons of Corinne-isms and trendy revamps that are perfect for all Bachelor lovers.

When you combine a personality this bold and great style, magic happens. Olympios, who was referred to as a Bachelor Villain on season 20, is combining her classic quotes and love for fashion for her own line with Riot Society. On the first day alone, Team Corn sold an order every 15 seconds.

The line offers male and female styles and accessories. There's everything from "I Feel Like Corn" shirts and "Platinum Vagine" tanks to "Make America Corinne Great Again" hats. Basically, there's everything a Bachelor fan could possibly imagine. You can snag all the items on the Riot Society website right now for just $22 to $26. The only item that is currently back ordered is the "Platinum Vagine" shirt, but you can still add it to your virtual cart.

Platinum Vagine Muscle Tank, $22,

Why is it called Team Corn? Well, for all of you non-Bachelor fans out there, let me fill you in. Olympios referred to herself as the vegetable on-screen, and it didn't take long for it to become one of her many iconic quotes.

I’m a cornhusk you got to peel the layers back," Olympios said on the show. "And then, in the middle, it’s this luxury yellow corn with all these little pellets of information and it’s juicy and buttery. You want to get to that corn. Nick needs that corn!”

I Feel Like Corn Unisex Longsleeve Shirt, $26,

According to Olympios, this won't be the last you see from her in the fashion world, either.

“I was inspired to create the line from all of my amazing fans of course! Moving into the future, I want to expand the line from graphic tees to more of a fashion line. Stay tuned,” she tells Bustle.

I Need A Raquel Unisex Tee, $22,

According to the press release, this line is not a collab — Olympios was behind the designs completely. It sounds like there could be even more designs in the future as well. So what are you waiting for? Get to shopping!