Fenty Beauty's Valentine's Day Collection Is Here & You NEED To See This Mint Highlight On Skin

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Rihanna and Fenty Beauty debuted the hot pink Stunna Lip Paint earlier this week, dubbed "Unlocked." Fenty fans were understandably excited about a new matte shade for Valentine's Day. But Fenty Beauty's Valentine's Day drop includes two more Stunna Lip Paint shades and two new Killawatt compact highlighter shades, one of which will give the most hint-of-mint glow to your visage. Get ready for all of the drama and all of the glow.

Let's break down all the Fenty newness that's on the horizon, which was tipped of via this Instagram post. The products are posted on the Fenty Beauty site. They are just not available for purchase yet. The new shades drop on Feb. 12, per the brand's Insta. That's a mere eight days before Rih's bday, BTW.

Regarding the new Stunna Lip Paints, there's the aforementioned Unlocked. There's also Unattached, a bright coral, and Undefeated, a deep and sultry purple. That ups the Stunna Lip Paints to eight amazing shades.

The Stunna formula is a bitter thinner than most mega mattes, but it dries down to a beautiful, precise, and velvet look. The product debuted with one classic and glam red shade and the brand has since been adding new hues over time. Last fall saw three neutrals drop, along with a jet black version. Fenty Beauty clearly likes to offer its customers lots of color choices when it comes to maximizing their lip drama.

Let's take a closer look.

Unlocked is vivid and bold. It's the sort of pop of color that you can swipe on your lips and wear with a bare face but still look glam AF.

Here it is on all skin tones.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Then we have Undefeated, a sultry purple, as described by the brand. It's a really deep and royal purple. It's the most dramatic and gothic of the new shades.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

If you are seeking to make a serious statement with your lips, well, the Stunna Lip Paints are the way to do it.

Last, but definitely not least, is Unattached. It's a bright coral. If you aren't committed to a crimson lip, this shade could be your compromise. It has all the elements of a red lip but it's more golden and more orange in tone.

Unattached has a job and that's to work well for all skin tones.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Your lips aren't the only feature Rihanna and Fenty are focusing on this Valentine's Day. Rihanna and co. have you covered — quite literally. There are two new Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters. There's Wattabrat, which is a 3D, baby pink shimmer. Check out how pretty it is.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

There's also Chillz, an iridescent baby blue x minty shimmer. You'll have the coolest glow in the room when you rock this.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

If it's dewy and glowing skin you seek, it's dewy and glowing skin you are going to get with these cream-to-powder hybrids aka dreams in a compact.

The Killawatts are designed for lids, lips, limbs, and wherever you want a highlighted, spotlighted sparkle.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

You can pair the Stunna Lip Paints with the Killawatt highlighters to juxtapose matte lips with glowing skin. It's all about that textural contrast.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Fenty's latest drop is basically your Valentine's and Galentine's Day wingwoman.