This Plus Size Hello Kitty Clothing Line Is Too Cute To Handle

In October, the world is basically bathed in pink. But with so many brands only out to capitalize on Breast Cancer Awareness Month for corporate gain, it's important to be discerning in which organizations you choose to help support. Thankfully, one brand is making it easier for you. The new Torrid x Hello Kitty Collection is an adorable athleisure capsule designed with breast cancer awareness and fundraising in mind. In fact, the brand is donating 20 percent of all proceeds from the sales of these adorable kitty-covered clothes to the cause.

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes the need to be vigilant when looking at where your hard earned money is going. Not all organizations are created equal, but thanks to websites like Charity Navigator, you can sort through which collabs to shop. Torrid and Hello Kitty teamed up to donate proceeds from the collection to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, a four star rated charity according to Charity Navigator. By shopping Torrid x Hello Kitty, you can feel confident knowing that your money is going to directly impact women living with breast cancer, survivors, and awareness efforts.

Essentially, you can get some serious cute pieces and have peace of mind that the 20 percent proceeds will be going to an incredible organization.

The collection officially launched online on Oct. 1, and currently all pieces are available in Torrid's typical 00-6 plus size range. If you have a local Torrid, some of the stores will be home to the collection, too.

As for the prices, they're typically of the vast majority of the brand's workout gear. Costs start at $33 and peak at $55.

While Torrid x Hello Kitty is unique for its charitable bent, it's not the first time Hello Kitty has participated in a collab. After all, who could forget how gorgeous the Hello Kitty x ColourPop collection was? Then, there was the Hello Kitty x Crap Eyewear collab. And then (because everyone favorite cat seems to be into beauty) there was the collab with Peter Thomas Roth.

Basically, Hello Kitty is one busy character, but who doesn't want more of Sanrio's classic character in their life?

What exactly is in the Hello Kitty x Torrid collection, though? From sports bras to jackets, this smaller collection is so perfect that you'll want to snag every single piece.

Hello Kitty Active Zip Hoodie

Hello Kitty Active Zip Hoodie, $55, Torrid

How cute is this zip-up hoodie? Not only does it feature a silhouette of the cartoon cat on the front pocket, but it's got Hello Kitty written in Sanrio's signature font on the back.

Hello Kitty Active Strength Active Tank Top

Hello Kitty Active Strength Active Tank Top, $33, Torrid

This adorable tank top also comes with a rad message. Whether you're working out, fighting cancer, or just living your daily life, we could all use a bit more strength.

Hello Kitty Active Bow Print Sports Bra

Hello Kitty Active Bow Print Sports Bra, $39, Torrid

If you want something that's a bit more subtle, this sports bra is it. Wear it under clothes or alone, and some people may only see bows. Savvy Hello Kitty fans, however, will know exactly where that bow is from.

Hello Kitty Active Hope Tee

Hello Kitty Active Hope Tee, $35, Torrid

If something more overtly related to Breast Cancer Awareness Month is what you're seeking, this tee is perfect. Not only does it look extremely comfy, but it's adorable, too.

If Hello Kitty is one of your favorite childhood characters and you love giving back, the Hello Kitty x Torrid collection is a dream come true. With 20 percent of the proceeds going to a worthy, reputable cause, you can't lose when you shop.