HUDA Beauty's Newest Collection Would Make Even Queen Elsa Jealous

Hold onto your seats, because everything you need to transform into a glitzy-glam snow queen is coming oh-so-soon. The limited edition HUDA Beauty Winter Solstice Collection includes every cool-toned, duochromatic shimmer you need to slay chilly days away.

Debuting on Oct. 27, globally via Sephora and HUDA Beauty's site, the winter collection follows some pretty drool-worthy launches from the brand. It wasn't long ago that HUDA Beauty's Desert Dusk palette stole beauty lovers' hearts and the industry hasn't even had a month to process the impressive #FauxFilter Foundation release. So Huda Kattan clearly has a knack for back-to-back launches that turn heads. Raising eyebrows again, is this cold-weather inspired collection that'll likely sell like hotcakes.

This isn't the first time makeup lovers have seen Kattan get beauty inspiration from the elements. Released at the end of July 2017, the HUDA Beauty Summer Solstice Collection of regal golds, vivid purples, and statement reds was influenced by bikini season. Now there's a sister collection of frosty shimmers that are absolutely perfect for the holidays.

Prepare to give everyone the cold shoulder with an icy highlight and a glittery, frost-bitten pout. Here's every hue in this stunning collection that'll give you chills.

Huda BeautyWinter Solstice Palette, $45, Sephora

Aptly named, every hue in the new highlighter palette is pure winter perfection. "Frosted Kiss" and "Winter Rose" are the rose gold stunners of the quad. There's "Northern Lights", a pale gold that makes the skin radiate. And the winner of the bunch just may be "Arctic Glow" with its intergalactic blueish-purple sheen. No matter the hue, however, each shimmer looks ethereal against every fair, tan, and deep complexion.

These shades are definitely for the bold and daring, though— pastel pigments aren't your typical highlighter hues. But HUDA Beauty makes it hard not to crave this palette anyway.

Just peep how mermaid-esque "Arctic Glow" looks on deep skin, or how "Winter Rose" creates the dreamiest, feminine flush against a fair complexion. It's almost impossible to keep the drool from flowing when enjoying these swatches.

Considering the Summer Solstice 3D palette is $45, the Winter highlighters will likely retail for the same price. So, hold onto to your pennies.

Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Mini Lip Strobe Collection, $33, Sephora

The Winter Solstice edition glosses are simply fab and worth the splurge, too. Unlike the Summer Solstice collection who's highlighter palette and glosses didn't coordinate, these Winter lippies seem to match the icy face shimmers.

"Charmed" is a coral-toned Lip Strobe with golden reflects that pairs perfectly with the "Frosted Kiss" Melted Strobe. Notice how "Bewitched", an opalescent blue with purple undertones, matches the "Arctic Glow" highlighter to a T. A white gold gloss with bronzey tones, "Starcrossed" has its own golden counterpart. Finally, there's the silvery-magenta "Hypnotic". It may not be a spot-on match for the "Winter Rose" highlighter, but it's the ideal pairing that keeps the lip set from including two pink glosses that are too similar.

Previous HUDA Beauty mini lip sets have had $33 price tags, so it's not far-fetched to think this collection of glosses will cost the same. You'll just have to wait and see.

There's more to be expected from the collection than just some of the prettiest pigments the brand has ever given fans. The formula is also new-and-improved. Get ready to experience pearl-packed finishes that make shades more shimmery— not glittery— than ever before. When it comes to multi-dimensional shimmers, it really doesn't get any better than this.

Kattan's out-of-this-world glow on the highlighting palette's packaging is proof that this collection will make for next-level beauty looks. Galaxy highlighters, glosses, and shadows are already trending heavily anyway, so investing in this collection will align you with current beauty crazes.

Plus, there's nothing like glowing like an ice goddess. Elsa couldn't even compete with this kind of glow-tastic magic.