Target Just Launched A Disney Beauty Line & You'll Want It ALL

Your makeup is about to sprout mouse ears, my friends. As PopSugar found, Target quietly launched an entire Disney beauty line filled with everything from makeup and skincare to bath items. The best part is that it's super affordable. You know, so you can get in on the fun and still save your money for a trip to Disney.

It's an unspoken rule that everything that's Disney is just better. Those two little ears can take an already great product over the top into nostalgia territory. Target's new items are no different. The brands Junk Food and L'Oréal launched products with Disney packaging. There's lipsticks that Minnie would approve of, lotions and soaps to make bath time more magical, and balms for you to carry around in your pocket.

If you think that's good, just wait until you see the price. Every single item in Target's collection is less than $8. That's not a typo, either. The line of affordable beauty products will only be around for a limited time, so you're going to want to stock up while you still can.

You can shop the line online at Target with select items in-stores. Here's a look at everything in the line, because it's too good not to see. Be warned though, you're going to want every single item.

Mickey Loofa

2. Lipsticks

3. Lipsmacker Set

4. Hand Sanitizer

5. Eyeliner

6. Face Masks

7. Lotion Set

8. Single Lotions

9. Mascara

10. Bubble Bath

11. Bath Set

Bottom line: you can't go wrong no matter what you buy.