The Badass Pink Ladies From 'Grease' Now Have Their Own Eyeshadow Palette

Your makeup chills are gonna be multiplyin' next month. That's due to the new Grease x Sola Look makeup palette. The palette will be available for pre-order via the Sola Look site on Saturday, June 16, which is the 40th anniversary of the iconic and beloved film's theatrical debut. It's an eyeshadow palette that is inspired by the Pink Ladies in the film — Rizzo, Jan, Frenchy, and Marty— and they factor heavily into the pink packaging. The shell nods to the Pink Ladies' signature jackets and will also attract fans of millennial pink products.

UPDATE: Sola Look confirmed to Bustle via email that the palette price is $40 and features 10 cruelty-free shadows.

The brand, which has issued Flashdance and Dirty Dancing palettes, along with a Saved by the Bell metallic liquid lipstick trio, has been teasing its upcoming Grease palette on Instagram. Sola Look hasn't shared any swatches or a look at the eyeshadow shades yet. Still, fans of the film are eager to see more.

Sola Look has certainly mastered the art of combining makeup and nostalgia from the '80s and '90s in their products to excellent results. The brand is shifting its focus to a different era but will reach a whole new generation of makeup lovers with this palette, since Grease was set in the 1950s and came out in 1978.

There's no doubt that the Grease palette will appeal to those who were born when the film actually came out and those are just seeing it for the first time.

Here is the initial look at the front and back of the palette. It's book-like and it shows off the signature styles of the period. All the Pink Ladies are rocking red stained lips, flushed cheeks, and darkly-lined eyes. It's certainly not a stretch to think that the eyeshadow hues will take their inspo from this aesthetic and share their names with major characters in the Pink Ladies' orbit.

Here's a further look. Those sunnies, though! We can't help but wonder if the lovely central figure Sandy will have a shadow named after her. Fans have been reacting to the teases, asking about pricing, what else is included, and how exactly each character is represented by the palette. Patience, makeup fans! All will be revealed in due course.

You are not just getting a glorious eyeshadow palette, either! Sola Look is also including a Rizzo sticker as promo item with each order. The company included sticker and pencils with the SBTB lippies. But back to the Grease collection. Rizzo had such great style! From her short chop to her shades to her quick wit, she is one of the most enduring characters in modern cinema. Don't you want to slap this sticker on your bumper or your laptop case?

The sticker is already a big hit, based on the comments in the caption of the post!

While Sola Look hasn't offered a look under the palette's hood nor has the brand confirmed a price for the palette, you can sign up for updates about the Grease eyeshadow palette as they happen. Bustle also reached out to Sola Look for additional information.

That said, we can also look to Sola Look's prior pop culture-inspired palettes to get an idea of what to further expect.

The Flashdance palette featured four extra large pans of matte eyeshadow named after key characters and elements of the film.

The Dirty Dancing palette featured four smaller pans of shadow along with a highlighter and a liquid lipstick. Of course classic imagery from the film itself factored into the packaging. That's what makes the Sola Look palettes stand out from others in your makeup stash. The products themselves are also of utmost quality.

Stay glued to the Sola Look socials for further updates and reveals about the Grease x Pink Ladies eyeshadow palette. It's shaping up to be peachy keen, jellybean!