Too Faced Is Collabing With Your Favorite Real Housewife

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to beauty collaborations, you mostly expect beauty gurus to team up with brands. After all, there have been so many in the past two years. Well, get ready, Real Houswives fans. An Erika Jayne x Too Faced collaboration is apparently on the way, and it seems to be promising you DSLs IRL. If you don't know what a DSL is, it's probably best you look that one up on your own, but maybe not if you're at work.

Even if you're the world's biggest fan of Bravo programming, it's hard to deny that some members of the Real Housewives are more well-known than others. Whether it's OGs like Vicki Gunvalson and NeNe Leakes or the owner of a majorly successful business like Bethenny Frankel of Skinny Girl, some names pop up more than others. One of those names is Erika Jayne.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star isn't just a member of the cast. She's actually a pretty damn popular recording artist as well. Her song "Xxpensive" was featured on an episode of Saturday Night Live and even she herself was parodied (which is how you know you're a BFD). Plus, her book Pretty Mess is a New York Times bestseller. Now, she's adding more work to her plate that's going to make beauty lovers extremely happy.

Both Erika Jayne and Too Faced Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jerrod Blandino posted what clearly seems to be a marketing image from an Erika Jayne x Too Faced Pretty Mess collection.

In his post, Blandino makes references to both Jayne's iconic dance move and her song "Xxpensive" explaining that their "collab is so HOT." While neither Blandino nor Erika Jayne specifically said what's inside their upcoming work together, the Too Faced co-founder may have let a little bit of a hint slip thanks to his hashtags.

In his post, Blandino used the hashtags DSL and Polite Lips. For fans of Erika Jayne, these phrases will be immediately recognizable. In a segment on Real Housewives, Jayne explained that a polite lip is one that won't draw too much attention. It's sweet and unassuming. A DSL is well, you can look up with the acronym stands for, but essentially, it's a lip that grabs attention and is a focal point of a look.

With both of those hashtags being used in Blandino's post, it's not hard to imagine that some sort of lipsticks could be involved in the Erika Jayne x Too Faced collaboration.

Fans of both Erika Jayne and Too Faced won't be surprised by their upcoming work together, though. In fact, they've worked together in the past. While the singer and reality television star didn't create her own products with the brand, back in 2017 she did have a hilarious, glittering, pink promotional video for the brand's best-selling Better Than Sex mascara alongside Blandino. Now, the pair seem to be taking their work together a step further with a true collaboration.

As for when you can expect to see the Too Faced x Erika Jayne collaboration? There's been no word, but be patient. There's no doubt this collaboration will be as fabulous as its star.