No One Is More Upset That Netflix Removed 'Friends' Than Shiann From 'The Bachelor'

Shiann on 'The Bachelor'

Kelsey may have coined the phrase "crying is cool," but The Bachelor's Shiann is embracing the idea too. Now that she's finished her capital J Journey to find love, the 28-year-old administrative assistant is really leaning into her self-proclaimed title as the "cryer" of Peter's season.

"Completely overwhelmed with all the support and kind words I’ve gotten for everyone! Thank you all so so much," she wrote on Instagram after the season premiered. "I can't wait for y'all to see the rest [of] my journey...SPOILER! there will be a lot more tears from me." She tweeted about it too. "Hey guys incase [sic] you couldn't tell, I'm the cryer.... I've accepted it. You should too."

Before the end of 2019 (and notably after The Bachelor finished filming), Shiann got sentimental about everything the last 10 years had brought her. "With a new decade approaching, I'm looking back on the last 10 years of my life and never would I have imagined being where I am today," she wrote. "The lessons I've learned, the friends that I've made, the accomplishments I've achieved, & the opportunities that I've been given. My heart is truly so full [heart emoji] Here's to the new year, to more experiences, the good & the bad, and to this wild ride of a thing called life."

Clearly, Shiann is happy to be branded as the type of woman who might have a "Live, Laugh, Love" sign somewhere in her apartment. And honestly, you have to respect a woman who knows who she is. When Emojipedia announced that the next batch of new emojis will include a smiling face with a single tear, Shiann immediately chimed in. "I already know this is going to be in my top 5 all the time," she tweeted.

Something she may be using that emoji for is to bemoan Netflix's removal of Friends. She's tweeted about it quite a few times since the new year, and she's, uh, pretty upset.

When Shiann isn't mourning the loss of access to her favorite show, she's working out, drinking wine, or rooting on the Golden Knights hockey team in her hometown of Las Vegas. She also recently took a trip to Cancun, Mexico for her 28th birthday, and went through a bit of a career change.

Though Shiann's ABC bio says she works as an administrative assistant, she tweeted on Jan. 2 that she was leaving her "current office" because it was "toxic." Hopefully, that means less tears (and emotional turmoil) are in her future.