Why Tia's Had A Rough Time Since 'The Bachelor' Ended


Tia Booth has been a fan favorite all season on The Bachelor thanks to her southern charm, her willingness to dive into difficult conversations like religion, and her ability to outswear a sailor. However, social media is a fickle audience, and some of the tides turned last episode when Tia spoke to Bachelor Arie Luyendyk about Bekah Martinez's readiness for marriage. After that scene, Tia's Instagram was flooded with hateful messages that questioned her character and how she handled the situation. But, it's important to remember all of this was filmed months ago, and the actual moment in question is long behind her. So, what is Tia doing now after The Bachelor? Her social media reflects an appreciation for the show, a celebration of her Bachelor friendships, and a defense of her character.

Even if The Bachelor doesn't end in Tia getting engaged, she seems to have a long Bachelor world career ahead of her. As a standout contestant, if she doesn't end up with Arie, she would make a good addition to a spinoff show like Bachelor In Paradise. Her friend Raven Gates found love on Bachelor In Paradise, so perhaps Raven would even encourage Tia to follow that path.

That would be well in the future though, so, instead, let's take a look back at what Tia's been up to since the show finished filming in late 2017.

Arie's season has really focused on the female friendships formed during filming. Often this season, departing women appear to be shedding tears not just for Arie, but because they are leaving their friends. Tia has taken to social media since filming ended to shine a light on the new friends she made (like in the photo above).

It's not uncommon for ladies to go on the show and make long-lasting Bachelor friendships. Fellow Arie contestant Annaliese Puccini spoke to Glamour before the show stared about this specific desire to form meaningful friendships. She said:

"I’m really excited to make friends, which I realize is probably not what the other girls might say. I just feel like it’s so hard to make friends as you get older. I’ve seen some of the friendships that have formed from past seasons, so I just am excited to meet the girls. I feel like they are probably amazing. Obviously there’s going to be competition, but I’m going to make some new friends too, which is awesome."

Tia's behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram of her Bachelor friends, is a direct reflection of Annaliese's statement of valuing the female friendships that can come out of the show. Though, while Tia may have made friends on the show, she's currently made a few enemies of some fans.

Tia took to Twitter to address some of the hate she received after her controversial decision to discuss Bekah's relationship with Arie. In the below tweet, Tia talked about just deleting the hate. (It's worth noting that, no matter your opinion on a contestant's actions, it's never OK to write a hateful message on someone's personal page.)

In addition to using deletion as a tool, Tia has responded to some of the comments on Twitter.

Fans aren't the only ones who have had harsh things to say about Tia. After their confrontation over her marriage readiness, Bekah seems to have a frosty relationship with Tia. Bekah told Jimmy Kimmel that she has spoken to Tia post-show "against my will."

And, in an interview with Access after the Women Tell All, interviewer Ashley Iaconetti said Bekah "verbally kicked Tia's butt today." This doesn't just give an exciting preview of a heated Women Tell All, but also may be a spoiler to how Tia does the rest of the season. Most of the time, the only women at the Women Tell All are eliminated contestants. Courtney Robertson, who won Ben Fajnik's season, did appear on the Women Tell All but usually the final few aren't included (so as to avoid spoilers).

The fact that Tia was possibly at The Women Tell All, and had an argument with Bekah, could be an indication that she gets eliminated during Hometowns. If this is the case, that means Tia has most likely been single the past few months. While Tia has remained positive about her connection with Arie on social media, she may have been dealing with heartbreak off camera.

When Tia's not focused on the show (and its fans), she's just living her day to day life. She recently posted the below Instagram gushing about her dog's birthday. She captioned the series of photos, "Happy Birthday (gotcha day) to my sweet girl!! We had a rough start, but I couldn’t imagine my life without you Marlo Quinn." She got her dog a birthday giant cake bone, which is just about the cutest thing ever.

As for what's ahead for Tia, fans will just have to keep an eye on her social media to see what she's got planned — and brace for a dramatic Women Tell All.