Kat Von D Just Dropped An ENTIRE Makeup Collection Inspired By Her Most Popular Lipstick Shade

The cherry and rose makeup trends are showing absolutely zero signs of fading into the rearview. Kat Von D Beauty just dropped the Lolita makeup collection. It features an eight-pan eyeshadow palette full of of berry, rosy, cherry, pink, and brown matte eye colors, among other items. But more on those in a second.

How is KVDB's Lolita palette and range different than Urban Decay's NAKED Cherry, which included a palette and a cherry-scented makeup setting spray, and Kim Kardashian's Cherry Blossom assortment, which also boasted a palette and marked the brand's first-ever foray into blushes?

Clearly, each brand centered their collections on eyeshadow palettes.

KVDB's Lolita, however, is different since it's self-referential. The brand looked inward for inspiration and found it in the cult fave, rosy chestnut lipstick shade of the same name.

Here's the overview. The small palette design features the signature KVDB gothy graphics. The range also includes a Lolita Everlasting Glimmer Veil, which is a topcoat aka a lip gloss, and a rose-toned Inkwell Liquid eyeliner.

The palette will set you back by $39, while the liner is $20 and the Glimmer Veil is $22. So, if you want to rock a cherry x rose-toned look from your lips to your lids, you can scoop up all of the products for less than $85.

The best thing about the cherry x rose trend is that it can be worn during any season — from summer to winter.

The packaging is gorgeous because of course it is.

Here's what's under the hood. It's an expertly edited collection of rose, berry, and brown tones. You can do low key or dramatic and intense smoky eyes with these mega mattes.

The swatches demonstrate just how rich and velvety that matte texture is. The shades are anything but boring and you can have a lot of fun mixing and "matte-ching" the dusty rose and sweet cherry shades. You can also pair the palette with the Lolita Everlasting Liquid Lipstick without looking too monochromatic. It's all about gradient tones.

Here's the "new" Lolita collection in its entirety. It's proof that pink can be super punk rock. It's all in how you wear it. Pile on a bunch of shades and do your thing.

It's easy to "heart" every single shade in this palette.

1. Lolita Lipstick

2. Lolita Lip Gloss

Courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty

Bonus tip: You can wear the lip gloss a la carte or you can swipe it over the matte liquid Lolita for extra depth and dimension.

3. Lolita Eyeliner

You can do a cool and unusual cate eye flick with this liner. A pink feline eye is so unique.

4. Lolita Eyeshadow Palette

The brand even noted on its website that the palette, as well as the lip gloss and eyeliner, were inspired by "our record-breaking, bestselling shade that works on truly everyone." If you've never though you could pull off dusty pinks or cherry hues, the Kat Von D Lolita collection is evidence to the contrary.