There's A 'Grease' Eyeshadow Palette Happening Because The Pink Ladies Are Legends

Indie makeup brand Sola Look has built its reputation on products inspired by beloved films and TV shows of the '80s and '90s. From the Flashdance and Dirty Dancing palettes to the Saved by the Bell metallic lippie trio, Sola Look combines nostalgia with makeup! Now, Sola Look is launching a Grease eyeshadow palette because duh! The Pink Ladies are legends. Sandy and Danny's love story endures — and Frenchy even went to Beauty School. The film is beyond ripe for its own themed makeup range.

UPDATE: Sola Look confirmed to Bustle via email that the cruelty-free palette will cost $40 and feature 10 eyeshadows.

Since the film is rooted in the late '50s, it's an ever-so-slight change of pace for Sola Look in terms of generational inspo. But the film is a pop culture classic loved by all and the styles in the film are instantly recognizable — Sandy was the original leather leggings wearer. There's just no way the Grease palette won't slay all day and all night while nodding to the beauty aesthetics of the era.

So, yeah, your makeup chills will be multiplyin' this summer.

The Sola Look x Grease palette is an eyeshadow collection, which is printed on the book-like binding of the packaging teased on the brand's official Instagram. It's pink and features the Pink Ladies — Rizzo, Jan, Marty, and the aforementioned Frenchy.

Flushed cheeks, lined eyes, and statement-making red lips were the order of the day during this period. Therefore, we can pretty much expect that color spectrum to dominate this palette.

Bustle reached out to Sola Look regarding the palette. The brand told us via email that it will be available for pre-order on Saturday, June 16. That's the 40th anniversary of when the film hit theaters. So the date has significance in Grease's history.

Go ahead and soak in the first looks at the front and back of the palette. It will be sold via the brand's site, which is its main sales platform. How rad are the Pink Ladies? For realz!

Rizzo isn't on the front of the packaging but the brand stated in the comments of one of the posts that she is indeed an important part of the palette.

The film maintains its appeal, while the millennial pink packaging is the connective tissue linking the past to the current.

While Storybook Cosmetics has done some blockbuster palettes with films, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Mean Girls, along with other things that we have pop culture fondness for, Sola Look flies somewhat under the radar. But its collabs are equally as epic and exciting. Grease is such a seminal film and the characters have the most iconic style. It was only a matter of time before a makeup brand made an eyeshadow palette that captured those elements.

Of course Sola Look and Grease fans are here for this palette. This slate of comments pretty much says it all.

This selection of reactions also captures all the feels. Stay tuned to the Sola Look socials for more intel about this killer palette. Maybe the brand will do a "sequel" and drop a makeup collection inspired by the T Birds! It doesn't look like Sandy factors too much into this palette, either. But you never know. Perhaps a shade will share her name or take inspo from her signature styles.

ICYMI, here are the brand's previous '80s and '90s-themed collections. The lippie trio was a bit of a departure and a surprise, in terms of category. But the classic '80s vibe was true to form.

Hopefully these throwback images of what Sola Look has done with its pop culture palettes will get you excited for the Grease collection. Sola Look remains the indie brand that could and is. We are such fans of what they are doing.

This Grease palette is going to be peachy keen, jelly bean. For further info, remain glued to the Sola Look socials and sign up for their email list for further updates. You won't regret it.