Fenty Beauty's New Mattemoiselle Lipsticks Are Coming Out Just In Time For The Holidays

Fenty Beauty/Instagram

If you're expecting a Sephora gift card or some cash to come your way this holiday season, there's a pretty good reason to save some of that coin. Fenty Beauty's new Mattemoiselle lipsticks are coming, and the ten new colors are going to make it to your Sephora cart faster than you can say Rihanna.

Fenty Beauty has been on a major roll lately when it comes to launching new products. Of course, with the holidays here, they launched their winter 2018 ChillOwt Collection which featured everything from a highlighter palette to a new highlight formula and new eye and lip pencils. Of course, there is the Stunna Lip Paint expansion which brought fans three new gorgeous shades of the liquid lipstick formula. Rihanna didn't stop there. Next, the beauty mogul, actor, and singer launched new shades in her ultra popular Gloss Bomb. Basically, it's been a busy few months, but Rihanna and Fenty Beauty isn't slowing down.

Ten new shades of Mattemoiselle lipsticks launch on Dec. 26, just in time for your New Year's Eve looks. If you already have a favorite shade in the existing line-up, get ready to add even more of these matte lippies to your collection.

On Monday, Fenty Beauty made the announcement that a massive ten new shades would be making their debut steadily throughout the coming days. The brand kicked off the reveal by giving fans a peek at the first color Tigertini, a vibrant orange red. In the reveal post, Rihanna herself rocked the color and more than likely spawned hundreds of makeup inspiration YouTube videos.

Since then, the brand has been rolling out colors including Thicc, a mauve pink, that according to the brand "looks great on all skin tones." Then there's Turks and Caicos a turquoise that the brand says gives, "vacay vibes." Clearly, Rihanna and Fenty Beauty are looking to do more than just nudes, peaches, and red. They've always been on the forefront of the beauty industry (just like at launches like Trophy Wife and thier 40 shade of foundation), and now they're incorporating even more color into the already diverse range of Mattemoiselle shades.

The wide selection of new shades shouldn't come as a shock, though. Diversity in beauty has always been what Fenty Beauty is known for. Whether it's their foundation shade range or a selection of colors in everything from highlighters to eyeshadow to lippies, the brand has always been focused on cosmetics that are both diverse and fun for all skin tones. That's clearly staying true for the 10 new Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipsticks.

If you want to get your hands on the new lipsticks from Fenty Beauty, set a reminder in your phone to shop on Dec. 26, and you should also set a reminder not to spend all that holiday cash and reserve some space on your Sephora gift card. Available at Sephora, Sephora inside JCPenny, and the Fenty Beauty website, you won't want to miss your opportunity to get even more Rihanna approved lippies.