ColourPop Is Launching A Zodiac Collection That Will Leave You Starry-Eyed

If you're the type of person that checks their horoscope as they drink their morning chai latte, or quietly checks their Tinder date's sign in the bathroom during the first date, then you will love the new ColourPop "The Zodiac" collection. It's for the amateur astrologists out there, where each shade will compliment a Zodiac sign and make you think of the cosmos and star paths.

The collection is made in collaboration with beauty vlogger Kathleen Lights, who has two million Instagram followers and nearly four million YouTube subscribers. She also previously experienced backlash in 2017 for racism when she said the N-word while playing video games at Jaclyn Hills house. A video of the moment was posted to Snapchat.

Taking ideas from astrology, the collection features an eyeshadow palette, two Lux Lipsticks, two Super Shock Highlighters, and two glitter-packed shades of liquid Supernova Shadow. If you want to tap into the galaxy when it comes to your makeup drawer, you can't do better than this.

“The Zodiac” eyeshadow palette has a total of 12 shimmery and matte shades, and the palette box is a deep midnight blue, with zodiac signs mapped out in the stars. Each of the zodiacs chosen for the palette case belong to someone close to Kathleen — including her group of dogs.

The eyeshadow palette has a big mirror in the case, following the request of the vlogger's fans. In a YouTube video on her channel, Kathleen explained that each Zodiac traditionally comes with a corresponding color, and she tried to stay true to that color wheel as much as possible (with a few tweaks so the palette made sense.) For example, "The Aries" is a metallic orange with golden flecks in it, while "The Tauras" is a warm brown with a yellow undertone.

Kathleen's second favorite thing in the collection is the liquid Supernova Shadows, and there are two of them. "Astrology" is a foiled liquid gold, and "Constellation" is a silvery champagne pink.

The two Super Shock Highlighters are dewy but not too overpowering, making for a beautiful highlighter. "On the Cusp" is both a gold and silver reflection, giving you the best of both worlds. "Fire" is a golden peach, and darker than the first one. Both are meant to give you a wet, foiled look without emphasizing texture since it's not powder.

The two Luxe Lipsticks let Kathleen create shades she wished she owned, where "What's Your Sign" is her perfect nude (and it's the one she's wearing in the video.) The second lipstick is "Scorpion Moon," which is a pink with a cooler undertone.

If any of these products have caught your eye, then you're in luck. You won't have to wait long to make them part of your collection. The ColourPop “The Zodiac” collection will be launching on July 26 online, meaning you only have to wait a few days.

This isn't Kathleen Lights first collaboration with ColourPop, either. She has created a whole slew of products for the makeup brand, including the well received "Dream St. Collection." The palette in the collection had a dreamy mix of bright reds, metallic bronzes, velvety forest greens, and dark blues, making for an interesting and creative shadow collection. She also created products like a foursome of highlighters called "Where the Light Is," and a range of neutral-hued liquid lipsticks, among other things.

If you want one more thing to add to your Kathleen Lights collection, this is going to be a beautiful — and astrological — pick.