Desi Perkins' Super Popular Quay Sunglasses Collab Is FINALLY Back

An encore is often the best part of a concert. An artist comes back to the stage, performs another hit or two, and deeply connects with the adoring crowd one more time. The same concept applies to fashion collabs. If it works, give it another go! The Desi Perkins x Quay High Key sunglasses, which are aviator silhouettes in a variety of colors, have been a bona fide smash for both the influencer and the brand. These shades routinely sell out.

So it makes complete and total sense that the Aussie sunglasses company is bringing back the two-year anniversary collection of the beloved High Key frames. The anniv collection featured new colors and sizes.

A selection of these snazzy frames will be restocked on Friday, July 27, at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT. The supply will be replenished on both the American and Australian e-commerce sites.

According to the official Instagram post on the Quay site, several of the regular High Key and High Key Minis will be made available.

The Black/Smoke Polarized original and mini are mounting their comeback, while the Rose/Green Fade original and mini are also restocking. The Rose/Copper Fade is also going to be available — but only in the mini edition. The first color mentioned is the frame, while the second is the lens color.

We already know what you are thinking. How are the "Mini" High Keys different from the non-Mini High Keys? We're glad you asked.

Courtesy of Quay

The High Key Mini is still very much High Key — it's just, well, mini. It boasts the usual triangular notches, the aviator shape, and the flat lenses. The Minis are simply sized down for a more petite look, according to the product description. All of the design details remain the same and everything that drew you to the High Keys in the first place is in tact.

Courtesy of Quay

So you can rest easy knowing you have options when High Keys come back.

Courtesy of Quay

Fans have already made it known that the anniversary collection is warmly welcomed back. That's because the frames are a classic shape with some modern, trendy touches. They are super wearable and incredibly affordable. Such is the case with most Quay offerings.

This user commented that she already owns multiple pairs of the High Keys. Since they are so inexpensive and you can wear them for as many seasons as possible as long as you take proper care of them, you can stock up on several colorways.

These comments effectively capture how strongly fans feel about QUAYxDESI. The flurry the Instagram comment activity clearly indicates that these babies remain blockbusters. Many shoppers had questions about previous and additional colorways. They also shared their love for either the mini or the original sizes. Some can hang with the minis while others happen to prefer the full-sized. That's the beauty of Quay x Desi x High Key anniversary offerings — you have choices.

Courtesy of Quay

The High Keys, be it mini or regular-sized, will carry you deep into winter. They are stylish and season-less. You can wear them whenever you wish!

Good luck shopping the restock.