This New Palette Is Inspired By A Super Famous Work Of Art That You Probably Love

Storybook Cosmetics cannot and will not be denied it's place in the makeup world. The whimsical brand is disrupting the beauty industry in the best ways with its literature-inspired makeup products. But now the majorly popular indie brand is branching out and taking on the art world — and it's starting with a classic. On Oct. 18, Storybooks Cosmetics teased its upcoming The Starry Night palette, which is shaped like a book — a signature packaging move for the brand. The palette, which is inspired by the iconic Vincent Van Gogh painting, is due out in 2018 — and it could just be the brand's best yet.

The majestic brand first inserted itself into the makeup mix with Harry Potter-influenced brushes. Since then, Storybook Cosmetics has played with many sources of inspo, which range from fantastical, like the Wizardry & Witchcraft palette, to historical, like its Ink & Quill eyeliner set, to nostalgic, like the Care Bears Collection. Now, the brand has been inspired by the art world.

The Starry Night palette is truly unique for the brand since it's of a higher brow. Of course painter Van Gogh was a tortured genius with an enduring backstory. The most infamous lore is that he cut off his ear after a fight and gave it to a woman. Therefore, there is a romantic element (and we don't mean romantic love) that defines the palette before we even see a pan of shadow or a swatch.

"We have always been about the stories we love most," Co-founder Mandy Maynard tells Bustle via email. "Artwork tells some of the most beautiful stories and we are so excited to tap into that with a classical art collection."

Although the palette's packaging should be enough to get makeup lovers excited, there's no official word on what colors are under the hood — for now.

Bustle reached out to Storybook for further info on The Starry Night Palette, and the team responded to us with some hints.

"The palette is still in production, but rest assured we are trying our best to replicate the incredible colors Van Gogh created," Co-founder Erin Maynard says. "Expect deep blues, greens, with hints of rusty red and yellow."

Even before they took on Van Gogh, Storybook Cosmetics has come out with loads of makeup products that are genuine works of art. If you follow Storybook on Insta, you are likely exposed to the amazing products the team of three sisters dream up.

You've also undoubtedly seen the long stem rose-like brushes with green handles and blood red hairs.

There's also a set of tools shaped like archery arrows. Because why not? After all, beauty aisle shelves are already chock full of basic brushes with white bristles.

ICYMI, the brand's Charlie and The Chocolate Factory palette is sweeter than Easter and Halloween combined.

Overall, Storybook Cosmetics is proving to be a major player in the makeup game, thanks to a smart concept and quality products. In this digital day and age, Storybook nods to a time gone by with palettes and products rooted in the past, all the while remaining wholly modern. That's not an easy feat to achieve.

When it comes to Storybook Cosmetics, there's a ton for passionate makeupista book nerds to love. And now, beauty-loving art devotees can get into the fun with The Starry Night palette.

While everyone is stuck waiting for the palette next year, you are relegated to staring at the painting in packaging form. It magnetically captures the eye and leaves you wanting more. So swirly and so pretty.