Manny MUA Just Dropped A HUGE Hint About His First Ever Makeup Line

Fans of Manny MUA, affectionately known as "Mannyiacs," are about to be over the moon. That's because Manny MUA's Lunar Beauty brand is finally launching. The beloved online makeup artist and beauty influencer, who is known for creating the most dramatic and extra glam looks, has been teasing his own brand since the top of the year. We're finally about to find out what assortment of products he will offer.

According to a tweet posted on Manny's official Twitter account, Lunar Beauty will be revealed on Saturday, May 26. Whether or not the actual products will make landfall and go on sale on that date is TBD. All we know is what his tweet states — he will reveal all during the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Manny has been teasing looks on the Lunar Beauty Instagram for weeks. The products have essentially been hiding in plain sight as he has created some of his elaborate and epic looks while using the lab samples of the items he will eventually be selling. It's certainly an effective way to build that hype.

The hype level is high and Manny's legion of loyal fans are ready to stop playing and start makeupping with his products. It's like having Manny as your own personal MUA.

Below is the tweet confirming the upcoming reveal.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a date.

We also have some frenzied and thrilled Twitter reactions. The Manny MUA faithful has been patiently waiting.

This tweet encapsulates the love that fans have for Manny MUA and why they are so ardent when it comes to their passion. The connection between the artist and his fans is so strong.

The Mannyiacs are so ready to part with their money.

This The Office-themed meme pretty much sums up all the feels that the Manny MUA nation is experiencing.

Now that's some dedication. This user held off on making other purchases in order to save herself for Lunar Beauty. Manny has earned this sort of love and devotion.

Now let's look at some of the teases he has been sharing.

Here's a sneak peek at the packaging. Notice the cruelty free logo, confirming that that brand is kind to animals. So you can purchase products in good conscience.

In the caption, it states that Manny is wearing Lunar Beauty products here. But the wording is coy about exactly which. Is it it that crimson eyeshadow? The golden highlight? The black liner? The lashes? The terra cotta matte lip? It could be anything!

Here's another tease. You can see that Manny is wearing pearl accents on his eyes and the caption says the first product is a gem. Could it be a pearlescent highlighter? Shadows? The suspense is killing us.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for a look at a lab sample and the brand's honorary canine mascot. We can't. Seriously.

This tease has us thinking that Lunar will launch with a shadow palette.

Ooh! Look! It's a PR box, which is what influencers and media outlets receive. It's also another look at the pretty script logo.

It's a rainbow of rich and pretty colors. This hint also has us thinking that a gorgeous eyeshadow palette is on the way from Manny MUA and Lunar Beauty.

It's another "hiding in in plain sight" hint. Lunar Beauty products were used to create this look. We just don't know which features are Lunar-ed. Perhaps it's all of them!

Make a note in your calendar to tune into Manny MUA's socials for the big reveal on Saturday. It might not be the drop date — he has stated in the past that brand will launch in early June. That's right around the corner so he is building further excitement with a reveal.

We'll be here — waiting and watching.