This Beauty Brand Coming To Urban Outfitters Is Ridiculously Instagrammable

Once the staple of alternative clothing and funky furniture, Urban Outfitters morphed into a go-to spot for our beauty needs. The popular storebrings in a hefty 10 new beauty brands per month according to Fashionista, including some natural brands we’ve come to love even without all the excessive chemicals and fragrance. Next week, a truly incredible natural skin care company will be available at UO — Rad Soap. And trust me, their products are rad AF.

It’s true, all good things begin in the kitchen. While searching for a gentle remedy for her son’s eczema, Sue Kerber turned her passion for blending natural ingredients into skin care line. Enter Rad Soap. The brand is stocked with antioxidant powerhouses and nature’s most powerful healers. Rad Soap has all of the trending ingredients you most certainly want to be washing with, including matcha green tea, reishi mushroom, charcoal, saffron, and oatmeal.

Now that these beauty essentials are going to be available at Urban, they are bound to blow up in popularity. Here's the low-down on some Rad Soap fan faves before they hit the UO shelves next week.

Kryptonite Body Bar

Let’s start with a definitive reason to fall hard for Rad Soap. Let's just say this is the reason I personally started using bar soap again. The kryptonite bar of soap is infused with matcha green tea, green clay, and reishi mushroom for a gentle cleanse in the bath or shower. The ingredients won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. The bar also smells delicious, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself uncontrollably sniffing it. You have been warned.

Detox Body Wash

Don’t be put off by this black body wash. The hue is from charcoal, which is there to help pull impurities from your skin while providing a hearty, efficient cleanse. This body wash in particular leaves your skin feeling revitalized, soft, and clean. Plus the bottle will look amazing in your shower.

Vibes Deodorant

BO will no longer kill your vibe with this natural deodorant. It’s aluminum free and clear of the harsh chemicals that irritate our bodies way too often. The essential oil blend in the product keeps sweat and pungency out of your day for good.

If you’re terrified of natural deodorants like I once was, this spray-deodorant is perfect to toss in your purse or keep in your car. You prob won’t need to re-up until you shower though. Trust me, it's that awesome.

Renew Body Wash

This body wash is super gentle and nourishing with pink clay and oatmeal, but it’s the saffron ingredient that really caught my eye. Saffron has long been valued throughout history for its healing properties. Supposedly, Cleopatra used saffron to bath in before meeting her male suitors. The spice has anecdotally been used to heal wounds and liven dull complexions. That's all not to mention the scent, which is renewing and awakening. Don’t be surprised if you pull in a few suitors of your own after bathing in this wash.

Since these are just a handful of what UO will have to offer from Rad Soap, be sure to peep their online store for additional rad beauty products.

With ingredients this good, there's really no way to go wrong.