Taylor Swift Wore The Most Over-The-Top Cat Earrings — And You Can Buy Them Online

It's no secret that this singer loves her cats, but now her accessories are speaking for her. Proving that she's the ultimate cat lady, Taylor Swift wore jeweled cat earrings in her Instagram Stories video. The design features not one but two adorable-felines, and you can buy them on them online right now.

Even if you only know a few things about Swift, odds are that you know she loves her cat. While she's constantly showing off her cats Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson — yes, really — on social media, this time she opted for a sartorial salute. She rocked the Les Nereides Paris Little Cats Duo earrings while announcing a detail about her upcoming tour.

Oh, and she did it while visiting her mom's dog named Kitty. You just can't make this stuff up.

The earrings have a whole lot going on. They feature a bright pink gemstone, two cats sitting at the top, two flowers, a butterfly, a smaller gemstone at the top, and two dangling balls at the bottom.

While they are a little bit hard to see in the Instagram Stories video, the brand did confirm that these are the earrings that Swift is wearing. It doesn't seem to be a sponsored post, either. Because this is the kind of item that only the ultimate cat lover owns.

If you want to invest in these over-the-top earrings, you can do it right now. Swift's exact cat earrings are available on the Les Nereides Paris website right now. The only catch is that they will cost you $125. While that's not exactly affordable, these are not your average earrings. In fact, the price breaks down to about 22 boxes of party-sized cat treats.

According to the product description, the earrings are made of "hand-enameled brass, rhinestones, faceted glass, glass beads, fantasy beads, and 14k gold plated brass chains." That's about as high end as cat accessories come, my friends.

If that's not enough to sell you, maybe the product description will. "Amidst strawberry plants and dandelions, forward and backward rolls, acrobatics and squabbles take place in front of our loving eyes," the description reads. "The kittens, escaping discretely from their mother's watchful gaze, explore this bucolic garden, accompanied by the first rays of springtime sun."

Swift wore the earrings with her now iconic J-necklace, which, according to lots of song lyrics hints and clues, seems to be for her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Of course, the necklace is no match for these over-the-earrings though.

This isn't the only cat earrings that the brand has, either. They have tons of other styles include cats with a little bird on its head and mix-matched dangling cat earrings that are almost too good. They also have a Coker Spaniel style, if you're a traitor. Just to bring things full circle, they also have pair of snake earrings. There's no word on whether or not Swift has them in her collection of serpent apparel.

While there are some styles available for under $100, all of the cat earrings will cost you more than that. Think right around the $125 mark, like Swift's are. There is good news though. All of the styles are currently available online, so you still have time to save up for them.

You might like Swift for her music and epic tours, but there's no denying that she knows a thing or two about statement accessories. With her tour beginning in less than two weeks, it's only a matter of time before she shows off some even more epic fashion finds. Here's to hoping it includes even more cat attire.