These 'Shark Tank' Rings Protect You From An Everyday Object You Didn't Know Was Dangerous

Michael Desmond/ABC

For most people, wedding rings represent a symbol of commitment to another person and serve as a reminder of an incredible day. Choosing a ring usually involves picking out what kind of metal you want for the band, what carat diamond you want, and what cut and style best suits you. But what most people don't know is that wedding rings can sometimes pose a serious threat to your health and safety. And when Enso Rings were featured on Shark Tank, the company explained how their product prevents the horrifying injuries that can result from engaging in physical activity while wearing a metal wedding ring.

Enso Rings is a company that creates stylish, colorful silicone rings, which serve as an alternative to the traditional metal wedding rings. The rings come in all different shapes— some are braided, some are hammered, others are a shiny imitation of metal— and they are stackable as well as stand-alone pieces of jewelry. Best of all, they're affordable! The most expensive rings designed for both men and women sell for $39.99, while the cheapest are a mere $11.99. That's definitely a far cry from a diamond ring in terms of affordability. And the bright colors and different designs featured allow the wearer to really show off their personality and personal style in a way that metal rings can't always replicate.

But Enso Rings don't just exist to provide a stylish alternative to traditional wedding rings. They're also a creation that seeks to protect wearers from a really dangerous injury called ring avulsion. If you know what's good for you, you won't Google it. The pictures are truly heinous. Ring avulsion is an injury that can occur when a ring gets caught on something and rips the skin around the finger off, or in some cases, rips the entire finger off. Sometimes, a person suffering from ring avulsion will have to have their finger amputated.

Ring avulsion isn't as rare as you would think. In fact, late-night host Jimmy Fallon shared his personal experience with ring avulsion in 2015, when a kitchen accident nearly caused his finger to be amputated. Luckily, doctors were able to perform a micro-surgery that saved his finger. But not every person who suffers from this injury is as lucky as Jimmy Fallon. In many cases, the finger will just have to come off.

That's where Enso Rings come in. As a post on the company's blog explains, "Enso Rings are flexible... and are designed to break away when caught with high amounts of force." Rather than taking your whole finger off, the silicone ring will just tear apart, saving your finger, or at the very least a painful injury. Plus, they're cheap enough to replace if you need to. But Enso Rings don't just protect from ring avulsion. They are also designed for people who are allergic to metal or have sensitive skin and can't wear metal rings, and for customers who have very active lifestyles and require a ring made of a more flexible material.

If you've read this and are now totally petrified of ever wearing a metal ring again, don't worry! Enso Rings are really easy to buy. You can order them on their website, and a selection of their rings are also available for purchase on Amazon. Choosing to wear a silicon ring might be a break from tradition, but it could be better to have one that breaks away rather than having to part with your ring finger forever come an accident. This definitely seems like one Shark Tank product that might be poised to really make a big splash in the market.