MONOGRAM x Design For Progress T-Shirts Encourage You To Persist

Fashion can be political. Lovers of fashion have long known this, but now, living in a climate in which people of color, LGBTQ peoples, specific religious groups, and women are under attack, now is the perfect time to embrace political fashion. MONOGRAM x Design for Progress t-shirt is the perfect want to put your politics where your fashion is. However, if you want to snag one of the fabulous new tees, you may want to move fast. This charitable garb won't be around much longer.

The MONOGRAM tee shirts don't just allow their wearers to represent their political beliefs, though. The proceeds also go to a great cause. The tee shirt will run consumers $65, and the entire purchase cost will be donated. That's right, 100 percent of the price goes to charitable organizations. The ACLU, Run for Something, the Sierra Club, and the Campaign Legal Center are the charities slated to receive the full proceeds from the tee shirt.

Design for Progress was created by Sight Unseen, an organization on the forefront of design and visual arts. It's their partnership with MONOGRAM that has brought fans the new tees. With "Resist, Persist, Insist" in three distinct fonts on the front and a slightly worn-in feel, it's the perfect shirt if you want to show your support for the charitable organizations it supports, but you should probably move fast.

The shirts are going quick, and they may just be gone by the end of the week. They're currently available over at the MONOGRAM studios website. While you may be worried that a $65 price tag is steep, the shirts are completely hand made in Los Angeles, and all $65 of the price will support one of the charities. You know not just what you're getting but where your money is going. This isn't the first shirt that goes to support incredible organizations, though.

America Ferrera — and other celebrities — rocked Meena Harris's Phenomenal Woman tee on Instagram. Harris's tee shirt donates proceeds to seven charitable organizations dedicated to helping women.

Now, if you have the Phenomenal Woman tee shirt, you can add to your fashionable, charitable collection with MONOGRAM x Design For Progress's tee-shirt. With a killer mission and a great design, it's too good to miss.