These Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes Will Have You Performing Beauty Spells With A Swish & Flick

Storybook Cosmetics

You're about to bring a touch of hocus pocus to your makeup routine, thanks to the new Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands brush set. If you're the type of person who hasn't grown out of their Hogwarts robes, binge watched Sabrina the moment it came out on Netflix, or just loves a good Victorian, underground-wizarding-society knick-knack, then these new makeup brushes are going to make you very happy. They bring everything you need to create the perfect smokey eye, while also making you feel like you're about to conjure up some charm while you're looking into the bathroom mirror.

The witch wand eyeshadow brushes went on sale at on Feb. 8, and five brushes come in the set. In the bundle you receive all the necessities you need in order to create a pro makeup look: you get a crease brush, tapered blending brush, flat long packing brush, flat shader brush, and a flat definer brush. Each of the products have cruelty-free synthetic bristles, and they look like you might have found them tucked away in a forgotten attic, wrapped in an old Edwardian veil. Each brush comes in the shape of an ornate wand, where some look carved out of metal, while others are a little more intricate with glowing jewels at the ends.

Storybook Cosmetics

They will arrive on your doorstep in a deep burgundy velvet wand pouch, which not only will keep your new brushes clean and safe, but will also make you feel like you're about to start a ritual every time you slip them out.

Storybook Cosmetics

Storybook Cosmetics is famous for their collections inspired by the brand's favorite stories — whether that's Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, or Mean Girls, or Hunger Games. But while the indie brand focuses on epic licensed collaborations with movies and books alike, they also put out storybook-inspired products that look like they came directly from a bedtime story and materialized on your vanity table. For example, there was a (now sold out) set of Secret Garden brushes, which had real, seasonal flowers hand placed in acrylic handles, making each bundle custom made. Then there were the popular "What's in a Name" Rose Brushes, which were face brushes shaped like thorny roses, where their bristles were the flower buds. Each of their pieces are whimsical, fantasy-based, and inspired by fairy tales, and these Victorian witch wands are a perfect example of that.

When creating this specific makeup brush set, Storybook Cosmetics was inspired by vintage hair pins and brooches. “We imagine these wands being pulled from a velvet lined drawer in the dressing room of an old and fabulously extra witch,” said Erin Maynard, Co-President of Storybook Cosmetics, in a release. “We think her name is probably Sylvia. She dated Frank Sinatra for a spell but broke it off because he was too clingy. She has seven cats, and is an excellent tea leaf reader... but she's not braggy about it.”

You can get the brushes directly from Storybook Cosmetics for $55 — nab them now and start making some magic.