McDonald's Is Testing Loaded Fries At Some Locations

When it comes to the fries game, the West Coast has always won in the past thanks to their myriad of "loaded" fries options. However, the fries game might be going to the East Coast now, thanks to McDonald's: The chain is introducing "loaded" fries that sound amazing, and I'm sure you're wondering making you wonder where to get McDonald's bacon and cheese fries because they're being tested at certain locations as we speak. Yep, Micky D's is getting in on the loaded fries game, and by the looks of it, they might be giving everyone else a run for their money.

The new fries feature our favorite classic fries from the fast food joint, topped with cheddar cheese sauce and applewood-smoked bacon bits. And while word on the street is that these fries have limited availability, it seems that the two ingredients that they're adding to their fries are ingredients they've worked with before on a national level.

The applewood-smoked bacon appears in the Bacon Clubhouse Burger, the Bacon McDouble, the Bacon, Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwiches, and the ranch salads. While the cheese sauce is something they've played with before — specifically, back in the 90s with the Cheddar Melt — it's less utilized than the bacon. Taking these menu items into consideration, it's totally plausible that the fries might expand nationally and stick around for a while. They cost $3.99, and according to Fox59 are meant to be shared, but I'm guessing that's only a suggestion.

Using social media as a map to pin down the places that are serving the fries, they've been spotted available for testing in the greater Pittsburgh area, central West Virginia, southeast Ohio, and eastern Kentucky. McDonald's has yet to make a statement about them or add them to their official menu website, so for now, all the information that's available is via customers who have been lucky enough to get their hands on them. Here's what they're sharing:

Flossy Flossy

They look pretty glam in this photo. And delicious.


Definitely very cheesy and bacon-filled. You can almost taste them.

Newly Branded

This new box leaves a lot to the imagination and is sure to get people excited about what's inside.

Some People Are Lovin' It

Making dreams come true, even.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't crossing my fingers they make their way to New York. I'd like to be a judge, too. C'mon, McDonald's!