This Is The Badass Heroine You Should Be For Halloween Based On Your Sign

By now you've probably decked your halls with cotton cobwebs and plastic bats, but there's a good chance you still have no idea what to be for Halloween. At this late date, it's time to turn to the stars. Which badass heroine should you be based on your sign isn't a question you need a crystal ball to answer. The Zodiac is all about personality traits and emotional style, and there's at least one heroine from the world of film and TV that will match your sign.

Sure, some people think it's silly to turn to the stars for advice, but those people also probably don't believe in unicorns, and they are definitely not going to have a costume as cool as yours. From Wonder Woman to Eleven, the women on this list all kick butt, inspire, and own every room they walk into. They are the perfect characters to emulate on this most adventurous of holidays.

Prepare to grab some Eggos or maybe a lasso of truth as you read on to discover which badass heroine you should be for Halloween based on your sign. The stars have your back on this one, so you can pick your costume and then move on to even more important holiday questions like should you go see IT for the fourth time this weekend?

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1. Aries: Moana

From her sense of adventure to her boundless optimism, Moana is a true Aries. Let your daring side show this Halloween, as you take on the role of Disney's coolest new princess.

2. Taurus: Claire Fraser

Aye, Sassenach, Outlander's Claire is the heroine every Taurus can relate to. She's stubborn, down to earth, and fearless. But she's also a sensual person who can rock an amazing gown when the need arises. Her gorgeous sartorial choices will lead to an epic costume that will only be made better with a dose of her no-nonsense attitude.

3. Gemini: Veronica Lodge

Riverdale's Veronica is a class act. She's always party ready, and possesses some serious sass. But just like you, she's got way more going on beneath the surface, and when someone comes after her friends she steps up in a major way. Channel your inner Veronica on Halloween for a glam look any Gemini will appreciate.

4. Cancer: Gamora

Not only is Gamora the strong, silent type, she's also deeply committed to her ragtag space family. This Guardians of the Galaxy hero keeps her true feelings hidden, but her inner (and outer) strength makes her a heroine any Cancer should be proud to emulate.

5. Leo: Daenerys Targaryen

Leo's want to stand out, and no one stands out like Daenerys Targaryen. The Mother of Dragons is the truest representation of the fire sign out there, and donning her long blonde wig is sure to make you feel fierce as you walk into your best friend's party.

6. Virgo: Michonne

Michonne is a skilled fighter with the levelheaded nature of a Virgo. Her realism and ability to always stay two steps ahead of her opponents is something you can relate to. She's The Walking Dead character who gets you, so why not pay homage to her awesomeness with your costume this year?

7. Libra: Belle

The intellectual badassery of a Libra can only be matched by Belle. The popular '90s Disney princess is having a moment thanks to the live-action movie, so take advantage of Belle's popularity and live out your childhood dream of being the bright beauty.

8. Scorpio: Eleven

There's something mysterious and intense about most Scorpios, and that's exactly why Eleven is your perfect match. The pint-sized telekinetic is Stranger Things most popular character both because she's dangerous and loyal to a fault. Grab a box of eggos and don your best '80s-inspired pink dress to make your Eleven costume come to life.

9. Sagittarius: Wonder Woman

More than any other sign, you are defined by your optimism and courage. You're also an avid adventurer. Basically, you're already Wonder Woman, so go pick out your shield now.

10. Capricorn: Offred

Capricorns change the world with their diligence and determination. Offred had to play the long game, but The Handmaid's Tale heroine is at the forefront of a revolution. Few TV characters are more relevant and amazing, so wear your red cape with pride come Halloween night.

11. Aquarius: Rey

Rebellious by nature and stubborn to a fault, Rey is the perfect Aquarius. Her independence and courage to be completely herself in every situation makes her your movie soulmate. And with Star Wars: The Last Jedi coming out soon, Rey is also a pop culture superstar.

12. Pisces: Anne Shirley

Anne will forever be the ultimate Pisces, and thanks to her brand new Netflix series, the lovable redhead is back on everyone's minds. Allow your imagination to run wild and your hair to be as red as carrots, because Anne is the badass, old-school heroine who will never go out of style.

The stars have now guided you to your perfect heroine-inspired Halloween costume — now it's up to you to bring these amazing women of the big and small screen to life.