This Is Why Taylor Swift Was Likely MIA At The 2017 Met Gala

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From co-chair in 2016 to no-show in 2017. Taylor Swift was a mix of futuristic, punk rock, and goth at the 2016 Met Gala, an event which she co-chaired. The singer rocked a messy, platinum blonde bob, paired with deep, berry lipstick, and a short, silver, and sparkly dress with a tiered skirt, which was a stark and edgy contrast to the elegant gowns of the evening. She finished off her look with strappy, knee-high boots. Of course, her 2016 outfit had fans speculating how she would follow it up in 2017. But alas, Swift was a no-show for the 2017 event. How come?

First, can we all just agree that we are disappointed that T. Swizzle didn't hit the red carpet for a surprise appearance at the Met Gala, since she has been a bit reclusive and off the pop culture radar for most of this year?

I, for one, was eagerly anticipating Swift's 2017 Met Gala gown. I wondered if she would go opposite of her 2016 look and return to form, opting for a more glamorous and delicate look. I also half-expected her to surprise both fans and fashion watchers and throw us all for a loop by doing something unexpected with her ensemble.

But it was all in my mind and I had settle for "oohing" and "aahing" over the 2016 frock.

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As stated, Swift has been laying low for much of 2017. There's been hardly any paparazzi action, no dating drama involving English actors, and not a lot of Instagram activity, either.

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Perhaps the singer was MIA at the Met Gala since she was holed up, working on the follow up to the massively successful 1989? There's a lot riding on her next effort, so she could be focusing on the task at hand and therefore avoiding the spotlight and focusing on the most important thing — her next album.

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T. Swift, we were hoping you'd make up for lost fashion time.

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Come back soon, T!