This Is Why HUDA Beauty Brow Products Will Probably Never Happen

HUDA Beauty's product launches have been next level as of late. From the Faux Filter Foundation to her upcoming Winter Solstice Collection, the brand is not slowing down. However, there may be one product they won't create. Will HUDA Beauty brow products ever happen? Based on founder Huda Kattan's latest Snapchat, this aren't looking good if you want Kattan crafted brows, but that doesn't mean you can't get Kattan-approved ones. The makeup artist and beauty mogul revealed the reason her brand may not craft brow products and gave the extra reason why.

In a Snapchat video from Thursday, Kattan explains to fans that while there has been speculation about what's coming next for HUDA Beauty, it's not brow products. However, don’t fret too much because she’s explaining the products she personally uses to get her stunning brows. In the video, Kattan says, "I think a lot of people thought our mini palettes were going to be brows, but we’re not actually doing anything on brows just because I love what’s already out there, and I swear by the KaBrow in shade number 4, my favorite, and I use this from Make Up Forever. This is their Brow Liner and I use shade 40, and I actually use both of these with a brush.”


The ka-BROW! that Kattan mentions on her Snapchat is the cream-gel formula of Benefit’s incredibly range of brow products, and her shade is the next to darkest in the collection. The product is great for those who need to fill in sparse places and also shape their brows. Plus, as a bonus, it actually comes with its own brush built in, and it’s waterproof!

Benefit Cosmetics ka-BROW!, $24, Sephora

As for the Make Up Forever Brow Liner, it’s exactly what you’d think: a liquid liner designed specifically for the brows. It’s perfect for those who are looking to add quite a bit of precision to their eyebrows and add fullness. It looks like Kattan wants it all, and who could blame her? Plus, her brow game is so on point that while she could definitely develop her own goods, taking her advice on these two products is probably a good call as well.

Makeup For Ever Brow Liner, $23, Sephora

Kattan did mention that fans believed her new palettes would be brow-based, but clearly, they were wrong. So, what are they? The new HUDA Beauty Obsession Palettes are mini and affordable collections of full sized eyeshadows. Kattan revealed the new shadows when she also unveiled her Winter Solstice Collection. The four palettes are divided into mauves, warm browns, smokey shades, and vibrant colors. If you've been slow about snagging the Desert Dusk palette because of it's price, you're really going to love the minis. Not only are they perfect for travel, but they retail for only $27 with nine shades in each palette.

While Kattan brows may not lie in your future, a HUDA Beauty complexion certainly can be. Not only has the brand launched their incredible 30 shades of Faux Filter Foundation, but as fans know, their highlighter game is also on point. In the Winter Solstice Collection, Kattan is releasing a brand new highlighting palette, and it's a blinding collection of pastel pinks, blues, and gold. It — and the Faux Filter — should definitely be on your Christmas wish list.

While HUDA Beauty brow products won't be on the horizon any time soon, rest easy knowing that you can still get Kattan-approved brows thanks to her product recommendations. Snag a Benefit Ka Brow and a Makeup For Ever Brow Liner, and you'll have the perfect pair of brows in no time.