Jane Finally Made A Decision About Who She Wants To Be With On 'Jane The Virgin'

The CW

Spoilers ahead for Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 7. Jane really steps out of her comfort zone and into some glittery cowboy boots in "Chapter 88." Yet, during her trip to Montana, Jane decides she wants to be with Rafael, so has Michael left Jane the Virgin for good? Back in "Chapter 54," Michael seemingly died and Brett Dier was off the show (at least in a non-flashback capacity) until he showed up alive in "Chapter 81." So Jane was left with the impossible choice between her long-lost husband who she thought was dead for four years and her current boyfriend who stood by her side all that time.

Her trip to Montana gives her the clarity to see that her life with Michael is in the past and that Rafael is her future. But just like Michael has popped up unexpectedly before, Dier's time on the show might not be officially over — even if his love story with Jane is.

Jane and Michael go out West to try to give their relationship a shot away from the memories of Miami. Yet, as Jane admits, whenever she tried to imagine a future with Michael, her love for Rafael took over. "The biggest change that happened when you were gone is that I fell in love with Rafael," Jane says. "And I'm still in love with him and that's not going to change." Both Jane and Michael sadly come to the conclusion that it's more appropriate to talk about their relationship in the past tense and Michael tearfully concedes, "I guess our moment has passed."

This realization is going to be devastating for #TeamMichael. But Jane's path is now clear: Rafael is her destiny ... even if he doesn't take her back at the end of "Chapter 88" since he doesn't trust her anymore. But just because Jane is going to be focused on winning back Rafael, that doesn't mean that Michael won't ever return to the show. Sure, it seems like a farewell since Jane left him in Montana. But Michael probably hasn't fully processed his emotions about his dual Michael/Jason identity completely. And one major part of his old life that has always been important on Jane the Virgin is the fact that he was a detective who was trying to catch Sin Rostro — and Rose is still up to criminal dealings.

In "Chapter 87," Jane and Michael retraced his final steps before Sin Rostro faked his death to figure out why she had given him amnesia. He figured out that Rose had started her own version of the illegal (and very real) marketplace Silk Road, called the Satin Road. The Miami police are locked out of the site by Rose's lackey Bobby, but Dennis still asks Michael if he would ever return to the force. And while he has fallen in love with his Montana ranch hand life, maybe Michael, fueled with grief over losing Jane, will come back to this other career he loved and get revenge for what Rose did to him.

One major clue that Dier might not be done with Jane the Virgin is that he tweeted about the final day of shooting on April 24, as shown above. While he could have simply been on the set since this show has been a big part of his life, Dier wrote, "Even though I've said goodbye once before, this is the final goodbye." So does that mean he is still a part of Season 5 even after Jane leaves him in Montana?

Of course, Michael could always return in flashbacks or dream sequences. But it seems silly to bring this beloved character back from the dead and never show him again — especially when he has unfinished detective business. So while Jane has said goodbye to Michael, it might not mean that Jane the Virgin fans will have to.