Women Share What They Love Most About Their Periods


Today, an AskReddit thread queried, “For women who menstruate, what is your favorite thing about your period?” Dozens of women shared what they love most about their periods, which turns out to be… not a whole lot, actually. They mean that you’re not pregnant. Eventually they end. That’s about it.

It’s not terribly surprisingly that most of the women who responded to the thread weren’t exactly fans of their monthly cycles. For a lot of women, menstruation ranges from being (at best) a nuisance to being outright debilitating. Periods can be messy and painful; they can show up at the most inconvenient times; and they’re not what many people would describe as “enjoyable.” (Although if your periods are enjoyable, I’m happy for you.)

Period shaming is a real problem in our culture. Women are taught from a young age that menstruation is inherently embarrassing, to be hidden away and not discussed. Periods are also often used to invalidate a woman’s feelings or actions — When a woman is emotional, or angry, or forceful, we hear, “It must be her time of the month,” as if that’s an adequate answer to whatever was bothering her.

Periods aren’t shameful. Women shouldn’t feel embarrassed by them, and there shouldn’t be a stigma associated with a completely normal bodily process experienced by roughly half of the world’s population. But, as this AskReddit thread shows, there’s a big difference between not being ashamed of your period and loving your period. At the end of the day, a lot of women regard their periods as something to put up with, a necessary annoyance… but not something they actually like. And that’s OK.

Here’s what the women of Reddit say they love about menstruating. It’s not a long list.

1. It means you're not pregnant.

If you're sexually active and not currently wanting to have a child, getting your period is like receiving a "Congrats on not being pregnant!" card every month.

I appreciate that a lot of these redditors went out of their ways to clarify that there is literally NOTHING else that they appreciate about their periods.

2. It ends.

There's really no need to sugar coat this, is there?

3. Who doesn't appreciate a little body horror?

I get it. Things that are "Ewww" are sometimes also really interesting.

4. More energy!

A lot of women feel tired during their periods, but this person feels the opposite. Good for her! (Also, I'm jealous.)

5. The circle of liiiife!

The whole idea that the body has a monthly clock is kind of fascinating.

6. It means things are working properly.

A regular period is an indicator that your reproductive system is functioning as it should.

7. It's an excuse to binge on TV and unhealthy food.

Call it a silver lining.

8. "It helps me understand my body."

This redditor points out that the body can be "gross" and "amazing" at the same time.

9. "That's metal as f*ck."

When you think about menstruation as part of a biological process that CREATES HUMAN LIFE, it's pretty awe inspiring, really.

10. Nothing. Just... nothing.

It's great if you can find something positive in your period — if you can see it as an indicator of the amazing things your body can do. But if you can't, if you're period is just something that you power through every month as you wait for it to end, that's totally fine, too. You don't have to love it.