Grace Wehniainen

Grace Wehniainen is a TV writer at Bustle, where she reports on a variety of titles: from The Bachelor franchise to Grey’s Anatomy (yes, it’s still going strong!) and all things Shondaland. Her work on the TV team includes theorizing about buzzy releases, interviewing actors and reality stars, and keeping tabs on the new shows people are talking about — and the nostalgic faves they’re still obsessed with, too.

Beyond Bustle, Grace has written about books and entertainment in several outlets — with work appearing in Oprah Daily, Electric Literature, and Bright Wall/Dark Room. She also contributed to the book Mister Rogers and Philosophy: Wondering through the Neighborhood. She lives in South Florida and received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami, where she studied film and communication and did her thesis on Christmas movies (read: a clever excuse to watch Christmas movies).

On that note: when she’s not watching TV for work, Grace is almost certainly marathoning Hallmark Channel rom-coms or trying to work them into conversation. She also loves doing nail art, getting pup cups with her dog, and catching a movie matinee — always paired with popcorn and a large blue Icee, of course. You can follow Grace on Twitter @graceewayne.