Hannah Baxter

Hannah Baxter is a writer, creative consultant, and the former Deputy Beauty Editor at The Zoe Report where she oversaw the site’s beauty vertical, with an emphasis on features and profiles. Prior to TZR, she was Senior Beauty Editor at Coveteur, where she managed beauty news, features, and editorials.

Her writing has appeared in Allure, Glamour, InStyle, Bustle, Byrdie, and Fashionista, among other publications, and she has been featured in Gossamer, Rose Inc., Man Repeller, and New Classics speaking about everything from beauty and fashion to cannabis and mental health.

When she’s not obsessing over the latest skin care innovation or celebrity hair makeover, you can usually find her thrifting for vintage treasures, reading three books at a time, and practicing her burgeoning skateboarding skills. She’s a proud Midwesterner and happily does the bidding of her hairless cat, Wilson. You can reach her at hbax89@gmail.com, follow her on IG at @hannahbaxward, and subscribe to her bi-monthly newsletter, Anxiety Beer.