Leah Marilla Thomas

Leah is a TV by day, Broadway by night writer for Bustle. She covers The Walking Dead, Marvel shows on Netflix (RIP), Game of Thrones (RIP), pretty much everything on Netflix and HBO, as well as The Masked Singer, The Handmaid's Tale, and the occasional sitcom, film, or musical. Her bylines can also be found on Show-Score and Fansided's Dork Side Of The Force. She has a background (and a master's degree) in screenwriting from Boston University and studied Communications and Dramaturgy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ask her about the time she wrote and directed a musical based on Lost Season 3. Born in Rhode Island, raised in North Carolina, and currently based in NYC, she's about as East Coast as it gets. As already alluded to, Leah can be found at the theater when she's not gobbling up as much television as possible. She's trying her darndest to remove the phrase "guilty pleasure" from her vocabulary. Like what you like! Follow her @leahmarilla and validate her jokes, please.