Nina Kahn

Nina is an astrology columnist at Bustle where she covers all things cosmic — from astro forecasts and horoscopes to moon updates and retrograde alerts. She's also written about other mystical lifestyle topics for Bustle, such as numerology, crystal healing, tarot, dream interpretation, and more.

Nina is the author of Astrology for Life and The Joy of Hex, as well as the best-selling guided astrology journal Wander the Stars (St. Martin's Publishing Group). Her work has been featured by Cosmopolitan, StyleCaster, Teen Vogue, Travel + Leisure, HuffPost, PopSugar, Buzzfeed News, and more. She has a bachelor's degree in English from UC Berkeley and has completed numerous courses in astrology, tarot, and energy healing. In addition to freelance writing, Nina also works with brands to create astrologically-aligned visual and written content for their apps, websites, and social media pages.

When Nina's not writing about the stars or doing readings with clients, you can usually find her obsessing over her perfect kitty cat, sipping on an iced oat milk matcha, thrifting for trinkets and treasures, or making sparkly astrology memes for her Instagram—which you can follow at @valleygirlmystic. If you want to connect with Nina and learn more about her work, you can find her at