Rule Breakers

The Indigo Girls Taught Me Queer Relationships Could Be Messy, Too

Their songwriting helped me make sense of my sexuality — and inspired generations of artists, from Brandi Carlile to Katie Pruitt.

By Hannah Soyer
The Level Up

This Runner Is A Trailblazer For Indigenous Representation In Fitness

Verna Volker built a community, Native Women Running, that’s 30,000 women strong and raises money for crucial causes.

By Kate Nelson
The Level Up

How Kelly Roberts Is Advocating For All Body Sizes In Running

“The running world is so monolithic in terms of body size, race, and gender. The best work we can do is internal.”

By Kathleen Ferraro
First Things First

Gen Z Is About To Get Its First Member Of Congress

Florida activist Maxwell Frost talks to Bustle about his decision to run.

By Tess Garcia
First Things First

Why Stacey Abrams Is Optimistic About Georgia’s Governor Race

Plus: An unusual rule in Georgia changes the calculus.

By Brianna Kovan

For Gisele Fetterman, John’s Healing Is A “Triumph”

Ahead of the midterms, she opens up about Pennsylvania’s Senate race, her husband’s recovery, and teachable moments.

By Sara Stewart

At 28, Iman Refused To Settle For Less Than What She Deserved

The style icon reflects on the ’80s and what has changed.

By Dominique Norman

Aubrey Gordon Doesn’t Think Your Brain Is Broken

The writer and host of the popular podcast Maintenance Phase has gained an audience by debunking health and wellness myths with a sense of humor.

By Madeleine Aggeler
TV & Movies

Gina Prince-Bythewood Explains The Toughest Scenes From 'The Woman King'

“I remember that night so distinctly, and I’m going to be honest, as a director, I still marvel.”

By Rebecca Carroll
In Their Words

"I Never Looked Back": Jemele Hill Shares Her Abortion Story

In her new memoir, the journalist candidly reflects on the decision she made at age 26.

By Jemele Hill

11 People Who Could Make History In The 2022 Midterms

These candidates are hoping to topple political norms on Nov. 8.

By Tess Garcia
Fast Follow

This TikTok Star Will Teach You The Science Behind Sexual Pleasure

Anna Lee is the creator of the world’s first smart vibrator, the Lioness.

By Hannah Orenstein
The Level Up

Ayesha McGowan Is Creating Space For More WOC In Pro Cycling

"If people looked at everybody as just humans that can race bikes, we'd go so much further in equalizing opportunities for everyone."

By Kathleen Ferraro

These 25 Female Governor Candidates Won Primaries & Could Make History

Without federal abortion protection, governors are now the last line of defense.

By Tess Garcia
Quick Question

Paola Velez Built Bakers Against Racism To Create Change

“Even if there was no answer in sight, there’s still the ability to help others.”

By Emma Carey
Bustle Exclusive

The Dermatologist In Chanel

How Harvard-educated Mohs surgeon Michelle Henry became the go-to derm for models, beauty editors, and in-the-know New Yorkers.

By Leah Faye Cooper