Election 2020

Bustle's 2020 Presidential Election Map

A downloadable map to track swing states, electoral college votes, and the route to the White House.

By Bustle Editors

After months of campaigning, Election Day is finally here, with a record number of Americans casting their vote ahead of time and others lining up before dawn to make their voices heard.

Even by 2016 standards, this has been a bitter contest, with a recent AP-NORP study finding seven in 10 voters are anxious about the outcome. It's not hard to see why, with the latest figures showing COVID-19 has now infected 9,376,000 Americans and left 231,400 dead.

At Bustle, we'll have a dedicated team of editors and writers signing on throughout the evening to keep you updated on all the key developments, but we also wanted to create a resource to help you track the results yourself.

Below, you'll find a infographic featuring electoral college seats, swing states, and the threshold each candidate must meet to reach the Oval Office. You can also download it here. Pro tip: use iPhone MarkUp if you don't have a printer and keep a tally of the votes as they come in.

From all of us at Bustle, stay safe, stay informed, and if you haven't already, vote.

Download your own Electoral College Map here.