The 11 Best Dry Shampoos For Oily Hair, According To A Celeb Hair Stylist

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If there's one beauty product that cuts your hair-styling routine in half, it's dry shampoo. And that’s doubly true when it comes to the best dry shampoos for oily hair. Thanks to the science behind how dry shampoo works, the solution potentially allows you to go several days without having to wash your hair. That said, according to Zachary Morad, a hair stylist whose work has appeared at the Video Music Awards and Project Runway, the absolute best formulas prioritize scalp health as much as they prioritize the look and feel of your hair.

“I personally prefer a dry shampoo that is formulated with scalp health in mind,” Morad wrote in an e-mail to Bustle, since “a lot of times the condition of your scalp is the cause of overactive oils glands and greasy hair.” When possible, Morad opts for dry shampoos with ingredients “like tea tree and charcoal,” which “have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that will actually cleanse your scalp as [they absorb] oil.” Finally, Morad also tries to use “dry shampoos that will balance the pH of your scalp, which over time will reset the oil glands on your head and regulate the amount of oil that is being released.”

Even if oil is not your primary concern, you can use dry shampoo to give your hair extra volume when styling. It's a handy product to have at all times, and according to both Morad and real Amazon customers, these are the best options on the market.

1. The Overall Best Dry Shampoo For Oily Hair

According to Morad, Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo is “specifically formulated to neutralize your scalp’s PH so that your natural oil levels on your scalp decrease. It also has conditioning ingredients in it so that your hair remains touchable-soft without the normal grit that comes with many other dry shampoos.” It’s not just a stylist pick, though — it’s also a fan favorite. This formula has racked up thousands of reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 stars. Past buyers especially love its fresh citrus scent that also neutralizes unwanted odors throughout the day.

One reviewer wrote: “My daughter has the oiliest scalp and skin I've ever seen. Because of this it causes her hair to be so oily she was having to wash it every day. This product is the only one that has allowed her not to do that. She is on day 3 now with no oily hair and her hair looks fresh/smells amazing.”

2. The Runner-Up

With roughly 8,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 stars, it’s almost impossible to ignore Amika Perk Up dry shampoo. Instead of talc powder, it uses rice starch to absorb excess oil and provide lift without leaving behind a chalky residue. It also contains sea buckthorn berry to nourish your scalp, helping to produce collagen and reduce free radicals.

One reviewer wrote: “This is my absolute favorite dry shampoo. It is 100% worth the price. I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week and this dry shampoo prevents it from looking oily and leaves no white residue. I have very fine, thin hair so its very difficult for me to keep up with it in between washes. I've tried many different dry shampoos that are less pricey but my hair still looks oily, none of them compare to this.”

3. The Best Value

Some high-end dry shampoos will cost you roughly $30 for a single bottle, which is why Dove’s Refresh+Care dry shampoo is an incredible value. For less than $10 a bottle, you still get a high-quality product that which soaks up unwanted oil and infuses hair with volume. What’s more, a few quick sprays go a very long way, so this is a favorite among those who use dry shampoo on the regular and are looking to save some money.

One reviewer wrote: “If you go long periods of time without washing your hair, this is the best stuff. It is lightweight and gets the job done. It is A great product especially for the price.”

4. The Most Versatile Dry Shampoo

“I love Cleo+Coco dry shampoo/body powder,” Morad wrote. “It has natural-based ingredients that are formulated to kill bacteria and balance the oil in the skin to prevent you from getting greasy. It also has a sweet and herbal fragrance that is light and spa-like. In addition to the actual product, I love the pump bottle it comes in — a lot of times I feel pump bottles are more effective at disrupting the dry shampoo without wasting it.” Last but definitely worth noting, it can be used all over the body — not just on the hair.

One reviewer wrote: “This dry shampoo works very well. It’s finer in texture than other dry shampoos I have used. The natural fragrance is pleasant and fades, so it’s not overpowering. Usually, with powdered dry shampoos, I have to put it into my hands and manually distribute it into my hair, but this one works well just getting pumped directly into the oily areas and then brushing it through.”

5. This Cult-Favorite Scalp-Balancing Formula

As previously discussed, a great dry shampoo will both absorb oil now and help to balance your scalp for later. Klorane’s cult-favorite dry shampoo fits the bill with its nettle-infused formula, which regulates oil production for up to 48 hours. Even though it leaves the scalp feeling and smelling clean, it’s not overly drying like some other formulas; instead, hair feels bouncy and textured in between washes.

One reviewer wrote: “I suffer from very oily scalp and in all honesty none of the dry shampoos work for me. They make my hair completely unmanageable and my complexion just feels dirty. This product however changed everything. It works so well I cannot even describe it.”

6. A Budget Tinted Dry Shampoo For Dark Hair

“A lot of times white dry shampoos can look a little powdery in the hair,” Morad wrote. For that reason, “I often choose a dry shampoo with a tint to it if I’m expecting there to be a lot of photos of the hair,” and Batiste Hint of Color is one of the options Morad reaches for. This one in particular is infused with a brown color, so it doesn’t show up powdery on darker hair — but it still boosts volume, removes unwanted grease, and has an uplifting scent.

One reviewer wrote: “I have dark dark brown hair, almost black and unfortunately it's very thin and shows grease very easily. It's been so frustrating trying to find a dry shampoo that doesn't show in my hair. Most dry shampoos are too light and it ends up looking really weird. I've finally found a good brand! This dry shampoo works extremely well and doesn't show in my dark hair.”

7. A Dry Shampoo Designed For Blonde, Silver & Platinum Hair

Light hair more effectively camouflages any powdery residues from dry shampoo — but it comes with its own set of challenges, like dullness and discoloration. Moroccanoil Light Tones dry shampoo aims to counteract those challenges with its formula that has subtle violet undertones that counteract brassiness. Argan oil nourishes and protects against UV damage. Finally, rice starches absorb oil and product build-up so hair looks freshly washed.

One reviewer wrote: “I have super oily hair, as in I’ll take a shower the might before and the next morning the hair around my face is already oily. I sprayed a little amount and my hair feels refreshed, not heavy or sticky like other dry shampoos. It instantly lightens my roots and makes my blonde look amazing.”

8. A Tea & Mint Scented Dry Shampoo

“Another one of my favorites is OGX Tea Tree Mint dry shampoo,” Morad wrote. Thanks to the tea tree and mint, “it smells amazing and has a cool menthol mint feeling when you apply it to your scalp, which will leave you feeling fresh even when your hair is most oily.” This is another top-seller on Amazon, with over 2,500 reviews and an average rating of 4.3 stars, and it’s great for freshening up after a workout.

One reviewer wrote: “Sometimes I need to take a shower but I am so exhausted that I don’t have the energy. Now, I can just wash my face, slap on some deodorant, and spray + brush this into my hair and I feel fresh enough to wait until the morning. [...] Plus it smells great, and I’m VERY picky with smells.”

9. The Best Dry Shampoo Powder

Some people prefer a dry shampoo powder over a spray because it’s travel-friendly, long-lasting, and non-aerosol. Hair Dance dry shampoo is one of the most popular powders on Amazon (with more than 5,000 five-star ratings) because it checks all of those boxes. This formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and made with minimal ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Instead of talc or parabens, it keeps hair looking and smelling fresh with rice starch, colloidal oatmeal, and essential oils.

One reviewer wrote: “I love that this is a powder and not a stinky aerosol spray. That also means that this lasts MUCH longer. I use it every other day when I don't wash my hair since I have very oily roots. I've been using it for almost a month and barely any is missing out of the bottle. A little goes a long way.”

10. The Best Dry Shampoo For Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, many products will weigh it down. According to reviewers, Drybar’s Detox dry shampoo is the exception. This super-absorbent formula actually provides ample lift for the roots and extra volume for the strands, so hair looks thicker as well as cleaner. It’s also available in multiple types and scents for all kinds of needs and preferences.

One reviewer wrote: “The ONLY dry shampoo with minimal scent but also light enough not to weigh down my hair. All time favorite! I tried going less expensive with other brands but ended up just wasting more money because all of them smelled too strong or weighed down my hair. Dry Bar does it again!”

11. The Best Unscented Dry Shampoo

Finally, for sensitive noses, there’s this Not Your Mothers dry shampoo (the unscented version). Despite its fragrance-free formula, it still contains an odor-neutralizer to keep your scalp smelling fresh. Furthermore, Morad has used the formula and “really likes it.” It absorbs excess oil and “makes your scalp feel like it took a deep breath!”

One reviewer wrote: “I've been looking for a dry shampoo without a scent. I like to smell clean, but not like a flower shop exploded on my head. This has literally no scent at all. It gives my roots volume and takes away the shine - its become essential for my mornings the day before I wash my hair!”


Zachary Morad, celebrity hair stylist

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