Non-Toxic Moisturisers Have More Benefits Than You Realise, So Get Involved

Healthy skin starts here.

by Lauren Sharkey and Sarah Lakos
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Personally, it's a priority to reduce the number of chemicals in my skincare regime. Natural and organic beauty products have so many benefits for your skin, and of course, the environment too. So I searched high and low to find the best non-toxic moisturisers in the UK that are guaranteed to simultaneously help your complexion and planet Earth.

But before I dive into the top products to buy, it's probably beneficial to explain what non-toxic actually means. Sometimes referred to as "clean beauty", the movement involves using products that contain zero toxins. This not only helps the planet but also protects your skin from unnecessary irritants.

While finding all-natural brands yourself does involve a little bit of research, some easy tips include looking for any mention of words like parabens and phthalates on the label. If you notice them in the ingredients list, then you're not looking at a non-toxic range.

Unfortunately, the list of brands offering such products is still pretty slim in the UK. Here is my pick of some of the best, starting from £7.95.

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The Sensitive One

Aveda is a well known beauty and haircare brand, whose Ayurvedic roots make it a great choice for sensitive skin types. Organic and sustainable, this light lotion absorbs quickly and contains coconut and jojoba for deep hydration and nourishment.


The Steal (with a fan base)

Weleda's Skin Food has become an icon in it's own right. Organic, natural and found in various celebrity's kits, this non-toxic option has a surprisingly affordable price tag. It's a thick cream, perfect for dry winter skin.


The Smart One

Don't let the price put you off Drunk Elephant's wonder-cream. Reviewers love the way it leaves their skin feeling (not greasy, bright and soft). Plus, it's 100% free of essential oils, silicones, and fragrance.


The Blue Light Shield

Trilogy's Age-Proof Multi Defence moisturiser could be the hardest working moisturiser around. It's vegan, contains UVA and UVB filters and inbuilt blue-light defence to protect your skin from everyday light damage. Plus, it's made without parabens and GMO ingredients.


The Combination Skin One

From redness and sensitive skin to break outs and and dryness, the Melissa Day Cream contains a bevy of natural ingredients to calm, nourish and treat combination skin. It's PETA approved too!


The Organic One

Evolve's Daily Renew Face Cream is 99% natural and smells heavenly (vanilla & coconut, yum!). Packed with naturally derived anti-ageing peptides and hyaluronic acid for moisture - your skin will soak this natural cream right up (and love you for it).


The Quencher

Ren's Vita Mineral Daily Supplement is a one stop shop to hydrated, dewy skin. It's mineral formula nourishes skin with zinc, copper and magnesium. Plus, it's vegan and the packaging is completely recyclable.

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