The 6 Best Bangs For Round Faces, According To Stylists

And how to style each.

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Bangs are having a moment. From Bella Hadid’s French-girl fringe to Millie Bobby Brown’s fluffy bangs, the face-framing style is truly everywhere this season — and if you’re considering making the chop, you’ve got countless varieties to choose from. This year, it’s blunt, curtain, and Parisian-style bangs in particular that have been dominating the red carpets and the runways. Of course, despite their popularity, the idea of trying out bangs can also be daunting.

One of the most important things to consider when getting bangs is your face shape. While you could opt for any style of fringe your heart desires, there are certain kinds of bangs that are better suited for specific face shapes. Since these short hairs quite literally frame your face, you’ll be able to find the variety that accentuates and flatters your natural bone structure by going with a certain type. Looking for bangs for a round face shape? First of all, Blake Reed Evans, notes that many people believe they have a round face. “For your face to be around, it must be the widest at the cheeks and then narrow in slightly at the temples and jaw, usually complemented by gorgeous cheeks,” he tells Bustle.

If this is your face shape, Evans says you can opt for a style of bangs that enhances roundness (think micro bangs) or one that diminishes it (like the curtain variety). Also key to consider before making the cut? According to hairstylist Jennifer Korab, you’ll want to figure out how much effort you’re willing to put into styling your fringe, since some kinds of bangs are more high-maintenance than others.

If you’re looking for the best bangs for a round face, Bustle pinged hairstylists for the intel. Keep reading for styling tips from the pros on the best bangs to rock if you have a round face shape.


Blunt Bangs

For rounder face shapes, Korab and Evans recommend straight-across bangs (aka blunt bangs). “Think Zooey Deschanel in 2009,” says Evans.

To style your blunt bangs, Korab recommends a “flat technique” that involves blow-drying your fringe in a flat motion. This emphasizes the sharpness and delivers a bold look. Another option? Reed recommends applying something like Redken’s Guts 10 Volume Spray to your roots and taking a heat-resistant comb to blow dry your bangs in a criss-cross method. “This will ‘confuse the root’ and all your bangs to lay flat and handle any cowlick you might have,” he says.


Curtain Bangs

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Hairstylist Michelle Cleveland recommends that rounder face shapes try out curtain bangs. “This would allow the center of the forehead to appear higher, closing off the roundness of the face shape,” she says. “It’s all a trick of the eye.” Evans adds that curtain bangs have lines cut in them that will diminish the width of a round face.

For styling, Cleveland says to blow dry your bangs using a round barrel brush going out in front of you and rolling your hair upwards. “This will create the curtain effect which helps the fringe have a winged-out effect,” she says. She recommends using a volumizing spray like the Nume Root Werk Root Lifter for some extra oomph and a spritz of hairspray to keep your ‘do intact.


Long Bangs

You could also go with a longer style of fringe. According to hairstylist Kevin Kelly, a longer, Farrah Fawcett-style bang works well with a round face shape.

For volume, he recommends using Raise the Root by Color Wow and the Kevin Murphy Body.Builder Volumizing Mousse. Apply to your strands, fluff, and go.


Micro Bangs

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For an edgier bang, Evans says you could go with the micro variety (also called baby bangs). “Micro bangs, like the ones Zendaya wore to the 2018 Met Gala, enhance your round face and cheeks,” he tells Bustle. Something to note before making the chop: If your hair’s wavy or curly, it’ll bounce up when you cut it, so start long and you can cut them shorter if you want once they dry, as celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook previously told Bustle.

Simply blow dry your baby bangs with a heat-resistant comb, says Evans, until they lay flat.


Bottleneck Bangs

Similar to curtain bangs, the super-trendy bottleneck bang adds some softness to the face — and it’s a style that works well on round faces, according to Evans. They look similar to, well, a bottleneck: They’re slim and short in the middle, curve longer around the eyes, and are the longest following the line of your cheekbones, as Ona Diaz-Santin, celebrity hairstylist and owner of 5 Salon & Spa, previously told Bustle.

For these, Evans recommends drying your hair using something like the Amika Blow Dry Brush. “You’ll be able to easily mold your hair into place using this tool,” he says. “To keep the shape, use a soft hairspray like Pureology Soft Finish.”


Side-Swept Bangs

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If you’re looking to diminish the width of your face, Evans recommends side-swept bangs. These, of course, will be particularly appealing if you’re a Millennial (team #sidepart).

When styling, begin by parting your hair into place, going as far to the side as you want. Then, Evans says to use the criss-cross blow drying method. “Once you do that, use a Denman brush to mold your hair into place or a flat iron once it’s dry,” he says.

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