The 15 Best Beauty Products For People Who Sweat A Lot

The reviews are glowing.

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Heat wave season is upon us, and that means our skin (and body) is perhaps a bit more dewy than usual. And while a little extra sweat is nothing to be ashamed of, Bustle asked Dr. Marisa K. Garshick, a leading board-certified dermatologist based in NYC, some burning questions about sweat — from tips and tricks on how to make your beauty routine less sweaty, to the best products to help combat sweat.

Are some people more prone to sweating than others?

It’s important to note that sweating is a normal physiologic response. The purpose of sweat is to help your body maintain a normal body temperature and cool you down when your body temperature goes up, which can occur in the setting of exercise, work, stress or hot temperatures outside among other causes. Our body is comprised of numerous sweat glands, which respond to signals from our brain to release sweat. Some of our sweat glands are connected to both emotional signals as well as changes in temperature, which is why people sometimes get sweaty when they are nervous. Someone should be concerned if it is persistent, interfering with their daily life and quality of life or if it is associated with any other new symptoms.

Individuals with excessive sweating may experience primary hyperhidrosis, which is defined as focal excess sweating, present for more than six months without any other identifiable cause. The other criteria also include two of the following: that it involves both sides of the body, impairs activities of daily life, at least one episode per week, begins less than 25 years old, family history, and stops during sleep.

Are there any key ingredients to look out for when shopping for sweat-proof products?

In terms of antiperspirants, it is best to look for aluminum-based products, such as Certain Dri Prescription Strength, which contains aluminum chloride, the same ingredient found in prescription strength antiperspirants. Another example is Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick Cool Essentials, which is an alcohol-free formula.

What are your tips on keeping cool and sweating less?

Antiperspirant is designed to plug up the sweat glands — which is easiest to do at night when the sweat glands are not active or filled with sweat, so the sweat ducts are able to absorb more of the aluminum and therefore be more effective. Importantly, it is also advised to ensure the area is completely dry prior to application to minimize irritation, [so be] sure to avoid applying right after a shower.

There are ways to decrease how much you sweat with topical antiperspirants, oral prescriptions, botulinum toxin injections, iontophoresis, microwave heat energy devices, as well as lifestyle choices such as wearing light, breathable fabrics.

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Shop The Best Sweat-Proof Beauty Products

Pros: Moisturizing formula, vibrant pigment that lasts

Cons: Limited color range

Review: “Seriously had to use micellar water to get it off my lips when I went to bed. It’s so good. It’s the only lip and cheek color I will touch now.”

Star Ingredient: Pomegranate & Grapefruit Extract

Pros: Oil-free, lightweight, and sweat resistant

Cons: May be hard to find a color match for those with ultra-fair and ultra-deep complexions

Review: “Wow, Wow, Wow!!! This product covers very well and matches my skin color perfectly. I spend a lot of time working outside in my landscaping and was surprised to find that this stayed on my face and didn't clog up my pores. I love this concealer and would recommend it to anyone.”

Pros: Fragrance-free; provides up to 72 hours of protection against odor and perspiration

Cons: Recommended to apply sparingly as too much product may cause irritation

Review: “This stuff is like a miracle! But your armpits have to be VERY DRY. Use a hairdryer seriously get those pits dry as possible. Then, before bed, put ONE OR TWO SWIPES of antiperspirant on and use the hairdryer again. It takes quite a bit of time probably 5-10 min til it's totally dry, but it will be SO SO itchy if you leave it on your armpits wet. That's why you need to put it on before bed, because you don't normally sweat while sleeping.”

Star Ingredient: Aluminum Chloride

Pros: Kiss-proof, cry-proof and sweat-proof, this ultra-fine spray is specially designed to resist the effects of excess moisture on your makeup

Cons: Gets the job done, but is a bit pricey

Review: “Used this for both my own wedding in May, and also for my best friend’s wedding (outside, in the South, in August. Can you say hot/humid). If it can stand the southern humidity for 12+, it can stand anything. 10/10 would recommend. Absolutely best setting spray I’ve used.”

Pros: Effortlessly dewy, glowing finish

Cons: Limited shade range

Review: “Probably my favorite drugstore or drugstore priced foundation! Medium coverage at best but oh my goodness it’s BEAUTIFUL coverage. Very liquidy and I don’t fond I need much powder to set. It feels like skin and looks soo lovely. I don’t know about 24 hours, but mine lasts 12 hours easy even in 100+ degree Texas scorching heatwave weather, except on my upper lip. But that’s my problem. Just lovely I can’t recommend enough.”

Pros: Proven to leave no white marks on 100 colors of clothing

Review: “Smells great, leaves no residue, dries quickly, keeps me dry all day. Pro tip: give your feet a spray if you get sweaty feet in the summer. Keeps them fresh and dry without leaving residue on your shoes.”

Star Ingredient: Aluminum Chlorohydrate & Sunflower Seed Oil

Pros: Featuring patented Temperature Control Technology, this weightless, oil-free setting spray actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to lock in your look for 16 hours

Cons: A bit expensive

Review: “This stuff is a miraculous make up setting spray! I sweat (hyperhidrosis) like a waterfall. My eyeliner and mascara run down my face. Eyeshadow rinses off as if never applied. When I use this setting spray (READ the directions!) my makeup is set and on point until I cleanse it.”

Pros: Long-lasting, tear- and sweat-proof volume

Review: “I’ve tried many, and I mean many different brands of mascara. Why do I love this one and put my name out there saying it’s so wonderful? Because it just works great. It does as it says and stays put. Whether you blubber like me or still want to look cute even while sweating like a pig at the gym.”

Pros: Revitalizes hair sans residue, and is safe for color-treated hair

Cons: Price point is on the high end

Review: “As someone who finds dry shampoo intimidating, this is exactly what I needed. It absorbs oils and grease and sweat like crazy in just one minute. I can watch my hair become clean. The smell is relatively pleasant, and it can save you from washing your hair for a couple days in a row.”

Pros: Easy to apply and completely unscented

Review: “This is the gold standard for anti chaffing product in my opinion. It is easy to apply, doesn't have any weird, perfume scent, and is very long lasting.”

Pros: High quality powder at a low price point

Cons: Limited shade range

Review: “I LOVE this setting powder, I went from using the higher end powders to this, and let me tell you, save your money when it comes to the higher end powders. This stuff gets the job done. I have oily skin and this seriously keeps my make up in place. Its not a heavy feeling powder either! No flashback. Also the container is a lot bugger than expected.”

Pros: Lightweight, matte, and with plenty of colors to choose from

Cons: Application technique has a bit of a learning curve

Review: “It seriously lasts 8+ hours while wearing a mask, eating, drinking, sweating, and talking all day long. I soooo recommend this product.”

Pros: All-natural, baking soda and aluminum free

Cons: If you’re used to aluminum-based deodorants, you may experience a detox period

Review: “Tried this after a string of disappointments with other brand that either did not work at all for odor control and/or caused my pits to become red/ itchy/ change color/ smell weird/ be even more sweaty after a couple days of use. Was very skeptical, but after just one use, was overjoyed to find it works perfectly! Easy to apply, dries fast, smells faintly of sweet almond and worked great! No unmanageable wetness, no weird odor, no abused skin, just pits that smell like pretty much nothing except for clean skin and stay that way for 24 hrs under even the sweatiest of situations!!! Love this!”

Star Ingredient: Mandelic Acid, Arrowroot Powder, & Shea Butter

Pros: Waterproof, smudge-proof, vegan, and dried completely matte

Cons: If you’re not used to a felt brush-tip, some say it may take some getting used to

Review: “This is my new favorite eyeliner! I work in a kitchen for 8+ hours a day, it's hot, I sweat, and most eyeliners smudge/bleeding. This one stays put.”

Pros: SPF 15

Review: “I was watching a YouTube video and someone mentioned this primer in passing. She said she had oily skin and this was the best primer she had found. So I figured I’d try one more time before giving up and ordered this. I’m so glad I did! This really is the best I’ve used. It makes my skin so matte and, being in Florida, I’m thrilled it has SPF in it.”

Star Ingredient: Zinc Oxide