Profits From Scientia's New Rainbow Headband Go Towards The NHS

Plus, six other new beauty products out this week.

The first half of 2020 was undoubtedly difficult, but however much we've suffered, there was usually always someone who had it worse. Our frontline worker have battled unimaginable hardships during the coronavirus pandemic and brands across the country have looked to help out where they can, including in the beauty sector. Beauty brands have found their own ways to give back in recent months, gifting NHS workers soothing products to help with their post-PPE skincare and raising money where they can. Most recently, newbie brand Scientia has designed a super cute rainbow skincare headband, the profits of which go towards our healthcare heroes.

The bands are made from 100% cotton and are super soft, making them ideal for using in the morning and at night to cleanse, tone, serum, and moisturise up. They have an adorable rainbow logo on the front, honouring the NHS, which has been a pillar of stability and strength in these uncertain times. When you buy one of these bands, every penny of your purchase goes towards NHS Charities Together, making it a no-brainer buy.

As well as Scientia's charitable head wrap, this week there are plenty of other cool and exciting beauty products out to spend some of your hard earned cash on, including a new range of £6 eyeshadows, and Jo Malone London's latest fragrance delight. Read on to find out more about all seven.