Isle Of Paradise's Body Butter Offers A Brand New Way To Tan

Plus, six other beauty launches out this week.

This week's new beauty launches focus on returning you to a state of happiness: feeling good and looking confident. There is plenty on offer for all budgets, starting at just £8.99, with more luxe options if you really want to splurge and treat yourself this week.

First up, there's a new way to tan from colour correcting tanning brand Isle Of Paradise. The brand has released a first-of-its-kind body butter, which (and I can personally attest to this) is super rich in texture and powerful in its tanning results.

Also in bodycare this week is the new range from Maui Moisture, which is just as impressive – and amazing-smelling – as its hair offerings.

Speaking of things that smell good, there are two new ranges of candles out this week, from both scent Queen Diptyque, and lesser known indie boutique Still London, as well as a scent from Valentino that's Lady Gaga-approved.

Rounding up the edit is a CBD balm by Dr Lipp, as well as some new nail stickers by Ciate London, which are perhaps my most favourite thing in the world ever right now.

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