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Bella Hadid Showed Her Palestinian Pride In A Keffiyeh Scarf Dress

She really is the people’s princess of Nazareth.

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 23: Bella Hadid is seen on the croisette during the 77th Cannes Film Festival o...
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Bella Hadid has always been proud of her roots.

Half Palestinian and half Dutch, the international model and ‘Ôrəbella founder is known for using her massive platform to share reputable resources in support of Palestine — which over the years earned her the title, princess of Nazareth among fans. So it made sense that Hadid would bring the attention back to her heritage when all eyes were on her in Cannes.

After sporting a series of vintage fashion looks (including a Gianni Versace gold mini dress and a pale-pink lattice Gucci dress circa 2005) while in the South of France this week, the model pulled yet another piece from the archives. Only this time, she went with something that had a bit more meaning. Case in point: Her Keffiyeh scarf dress.

Bella Hadid’s Keffiyeh Scarf Dress

On Thursday, Hadid was photographed leaving her hotel in Cannes wearing an asymmetric scarf dress by Michael and Hushi, that is instantly-recognized by its red Keffiyeh motif. Hadid also added a pair of bow-detailed red kitten heels and finished the look with her go-to DMY sunglasses.

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The dress — according to the designer Hushidar Mortezaire on Instagram — was sent down the runway in February 2001 pre-internet and pre-social media. Hadid updated the piece by pairing it with large gold hoops and a sleek bun that she pulled back using an oversized white lace hair accessory to match the details in her dress.

For context, Keffiyehs began as practical and protective head scarf in Mesopotamia to help keep one’s face covered in the arid desert climate. Eventually the style became a way for Palestinian people (and their allies) to show pride for their country — most recently, at protests around globe. It’s a notable choice for Hadid in particular given recent discussion around the festival’s silence on the current Israel-Gaza War; save for Cate Blanchett’s Jean Paul Gaultier dress, which is speculated to be a nod to the Palestinian flag, few celebrities have shown support for either side.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Keffiyeh Top

Even if you’re not familiar with the designer of Hadid’s Keffiyeh dress, it’s likely you’ve come across his other designs in the past — especially if you’re an avid Sex and the City watcher. In Season 4, episode 17, Carrie Bradshaw wore a Keffiyeh top from the same Michael and Hushi collection as Hadid’s dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s character casually donned the top while at brunch with the rest of the girls. (This placement comes as no surprise, considering costume designer Patricia Field pays close attention to global humanitarian issues.)

Fashion has meaning beyond pretty clothes (Julia Fox’s hairy flesh bra set is a prime example). And it’s nice to see that same energy be brought to a main stage like the Cannes Film Festival.